Kim Soo Hyun is The Man at his Best in ESQUIRE

Esquire – a magazine I quite like because their interviews were professional and relates to the star’s career. Kim Soo Hyun is the cover model of the upcoming March edition and surely there will be an interview with him. There will be a lot more pictures in there and it’s not going to be healthy for the heart(s) if the current released stills are this sweet, sexy and hot to the eyes.

From the modern time to Joseon era and now, an extraterrestrial world, Kim Soo Hyun is currently the most valuable among the actors in their 20s. He has done extremely well in every dramas and movies. Now it is time for us to find out what exactly his appeal is. As men, we should not feel only jealousy over him who obviously is driving all women crazy. That is ridiculous and silly. This is why Esquire chose him as the cover this month. Let’s learn what needs to be learned from this hot but weird Kim Soo Hyun.

Above: This shot is my favourite at the moment (until I see the rest).

I don’t know how he finds the time to shoot and do interviews while experiencing hectic filming schedules of My Love From The Stars. Maybe it was taken before they went on live shooting, we will never know but seeing his face isn’t bloated suggest that it must have been taken before episode 13-14.

Behind the Scenes Making Film:

Source: Esquire


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