[News] Kim Soo Hyun’s Samsonite RED Stickers on LINE!

Cheetah Emoticons 25 Oh my god! Finally LINE has decided to release it! I mean it’s not Do Min Joon (My Love From The Stars) stickers but at least I am seeing Kim Soo Hyun‘s face on LINE! I’m so happy I am going to cry! Okay okay, enough with the dramatic-ness and on to what we are having here. This is exclusively from Samsonite RED – the luggage/bag brand that he has been endorsing. As far as I know, it is NOT available outside of Korea at the moment.

1. First you will need to set your country to South Korea and add this LINE account

2. Then you can download Kim Soo Hyun if you are in Korea (Doesn’t that sound nice? Download ourselves a Kim Soo Hyun? [偷笑] )

Link: line://shop/detail/1685

3. Full view of Kim Soo Hyun stickers

Source: LINE Naver


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