[Drama News] Emergency Couple: Episode 8 Preview

As you all know by now that tvN’s Emergency Couple decided to postpone airing episode 8 because they ran out of time therefore, episode 8 – 9 will air next week. They have also released a really short preview teaser  for episode  8 and crap, I’m not liking what I’m seeing in the preview. If episode 7 is GookHee moment then episode 8 looks a lot like there is more ChangHee moment. Aiyaaaaaahhhh~~~ I really like that in episode 7 Jin Hee is making everyone sees that she is not what they initially thought of her and that her character is growing. This is exactly what I wanted to see in her character and from this drama. So yes, keep it up the way it is.

In addition, I do wonder Jin Hee’s medical knowledge shown in episode 7 and before was due to the fact that she took lessons or training from Chang Min’s father. She’s definitely seem much more experience than all other residents at the moment, even Chang Min.

Episode 8 Previews:

Some episode stills released which we have not seen and did it get cut? I thought we were supposed to see it in episode 7? I do hope to see it next because both doctors look super hot dancing ballroom and it’s actually very unlike the Dr. Gook we know now. Interesting ~

As for this scene! It better NOT be cut out too! Lynny will throw a fit. She’s watching ER couple for his bokgeuns! Hahaha!

Source: Polaris Cat | tvN | TopStarNews | Korean Star Daily