[Fashion] Kim Soo Hyun in ZIOZIA 2014 S/S Collection

Looks like ZIOZIA must be the CF/endorsement news said Kim Soo Hyun had to juggle in between filming his current high TV rating fantasy-romance-comedy drama My Love From The Stars. What makes me on cloud 9 is that he is sporting the alien Do Min Joon’s look in this new S/S fashion collection. [心]

The pictures are unfortunately small and I hope we will be able to see bigger version later on. I really really like him wearing blue and black suit. He was looking fantastic in blue in episode 17 when Song Yi teases him [偷笑] Anyway, without further ado, let’s all ogle together.
[HD] Behind the scene & Making:

Hahaha! This isn’t exactly the type of glasses I expected him to wear. I prefer the one he wore in episode 2 of My Love From The Stars. It suits him better than oval/round type and makes him look a lot more intellectual. But this suit and the round rim glasses does look like the one he wore back in the 70s at the bank in the drama, huh?

Screencaps from BTS:

Source: ZIOZIA


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  1. Kim Soo Hyun is a good actor! And he looks wonderful! I really enjoyed his movies/dramas! A real man and actor! I hope his life and carrier will continue in a ascendant way!


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