[Drama News] My Love From The Stars: Episode 12-17 Stills

The angst is starting from now on. Ugh, I don’t know whether to be happy or not. But it’s the path that we must go on with the Stars couple in order for us to see their love blossom and becomes fruitful (by this I mean literally watching them have alien babies teleporting around the house in the end!).

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I’ve a sudden urge of wanting to pinch that bum, LOL!

I would be worried for her to break more antique plates too if I were Min Joon. Eek!!!

My favourite scene of this dream sequence has got to be them just sitting at the couch, watching TV, eat mandarin & bicker. [微公益爱心]

BWAHAHAHAHA! He’s an alien but still an alien with hormones & wanting a family with Song Yi.

So sad. He’s a bit psychotic and scary here but it’s because I believe he’s hoping that Song Yi would love him back and it hurts that she was trying to turn away from him then. [伤心]

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  1. this drama is sooo gooodd! hyorin’s ost is perfect for the scenes! and can we talk about the end scenes per episodes?!?! how awesome are they!?!?! ♥


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