[Drama News] My Love From The Stars Confirmed An Episode Extension

The production company of My Love From The Stars – HB Entertainment has confirmed that we will get an episode extension which will make it a total episodes of 21 and is expected to air on February 27. There is also speculation that the drama may have to postpone airing on Feb 20 due to Winter Olympics if one of the Korean athlete goes into final round but we shall wait for news confirmation to cry over it later.

I have half expected that we will get an episode extension since the drama only air an episode during the Lunar New Year holidays or we will get another special (if we have a special about the beginning then most likely we would get an end, right?) to even out the airing time for the next upcoming drama, Three Days.

International netizens’ reactions to the extension is a mix although news reported that viewers were vocal about the one episode broadcast and after the requests that they decided to extend it. I am one who isn’t too concerned because I have faith in writer Park Ji Eun that she’d give us satisfying storylines between the OTP. I’m more than happy to have an extension episode of the married life between Song Yi and Min Joon, LOL! I believe it would be rather entertaining!

Also since we have reached the conflict of whether or not Min Joon is going to leave earth, Song Yi has no time whatsoever to concentrate on getting back her career so it’d be nice to have an episode (after dealing with Min Joon’s conflict) where we get to see her kick Se Mi out of the spotlight and reclaim what was once hers. I want to see her growth and lessons learnt when she was in the slump; I would like to see her become different and not so spoilt.

As for Min Joon, it would be lovely to see him become more socializing and surrounded with more than one friend. Hmm, it’d probably be funny watching Lawyer Jang being jealous that Min Joon has gained other friends apart from himself. I think he has taken pride that only he has shared Min Joon’s secret all these years.

There are many side characters’ stories the writer can write about with the OTP being in the centre so in thinking this way, we may have a chance to get a drama that its pace is not ruined due to an extension.

Source: MWave | Chosun


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  1. Wowwww! Im so excited for the upcoming episode extension. But sad to say I wil be waiting in vain for 1 week of no airing MLFTS 😦 but anyway thanks to you! Im always visiting ur site everyday and reading your new updates 🙂 Kamsamhamnida!!


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