[Drama News] My Love From The Stars: Episode 16 Preview

Oh my god, finally the preview is released and IT IS SOOOOOOO SWEET!!!

SY: That kiss… are you kissing me or kissing that girl?
YJ: You stayed at his place the whole night?
SY: It’s not like what you imagined.
MJ: Why are you calling me?
SY: I miss you.
SY: I miss you that’s why I’m calling you.
Journalist: Recently the rumour between you and the chaebol…can you please tell us a little?
SY: I like Do Min Joon-ssi. I think I’ve made you unhappy.
SY: Do Min Joon ssi, I am here with you now (the way she says it more like you have me with you now)
MJ: What would you like to do in the future?
MJ: Whatever Chun Song Yi you want to do, we will tackle it all first.

Oh my god… I don’t like the last thing MJ has said!
Okay okay, first off I’m sad & happy to see he is still getting sick after the kiss! T^T Sad because that means he’s not immune to it so the theory of him turning human-like might be wrong. But let’s wait till tomorrow and find out how long he is sick this time. We know that first time it took him 1 week to recover and the second time was a day. Hopefully this time it would reduce to less than a day or hours. Their interactions are just SUPER sweet. Pleaseeee ~~~ let this sweetness last a bit longer?

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5 thoughts on “[Drama News] My Love From The Stars: Episode 16 Preview

  1. Same here. The last sentence sounds so sweet yet so worrying. Regardless of e fact tt he confessed, e sand in e hourglass is still draining. The sweet moments now will def add more agony in e following episodes. So looking fwd to see how the drama will pan out in the last 5/6 episodes!!


  2. Please do notice that Do Min Joon is sick again in the beginning of the video. probs because of the kiss again.. hahahaha!

    the preview is sooo sweet but it also feels so sad!! and it doesn’t help that from experience. SHIT GETS CREY every episode 16 of EVERY drama!! i swear… huhu~ or more accurately EP17 for this drama since that falls on Thursday so that it’s another week of anticipation. i hope i’m wrong but just think about what happened in EP16 of The Heirs… waaaaaaah!


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