[News] Catch CNBLUE on Running Man Soon!

Yesterday Boices went totally berserk with updates upon the sighting of CNBLUE filming for Running Man. *GASP* ~ how exciting?! This time it isn’t just Jung Yong Hwa and/or Lee Jong Hyun guesting on the show but all FOUR boys, Lee Jung Shin and Kang Min Hyuk too! Now how can we not watch it? I’m unsure as to whether it’s a good idea in the sense that they may not win because umm… it seems like Yong Hwa is the one that’s competitive and athletic but it’s still interesting enough to see how all 4 of them work together. Another female guest in Running Man is Shim Eun Kyung.

C’mon boys, take home the gold!!! Baybaypig Emoticons 103

It’s funny that the BTS pictures are filled with the boys gulfing down food at food stalls. Is this one of those game that they need to gain 1 kg (I remember Kim Soo Hyun’s first guest episode has this round)? My wish for the show: I just want tag ripping at the end. Yong Hwa needs to tackle Jong Kuk again and this time I hope is fair and square, no such thing like those time-out freeze time crap. Gimme gimme gimme! This episode is scheduled to air on February 23.


Wan Wan Emoticons 30 Love the above 2 clear fan pictures by VIP Boice.

NOOOOOOO ~~~ why are you holding her hand??? Yong Hwaaaaaaaa! Baybaypig Emoticons 33

And a cute fan art by 樹

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