[Drama News] Emergency Couple: Episode 7 & 8 Preview

Oh-ho! We have another preview out for Emergency Couple and it has revealed who the man is sleeping on Jin Hee’s shoulder. So who do you guys want it to be? Eh?

HURRAYYYY!!! It’s Dr. Gook Cheun Su. He’s turning out to be a cutie and a softie at heart especially when it comes to Jin Hee. I believe it is because he sees the old him in her and he acknowledge her ability and potential to be a good doctor. So far, she is the one that stood out among all the so-called better resident doctors. Chang Min is knowledgeable and already has a good medical background so he’s not too far behind being successful, he just needs to be brave.

It’s rare that I support second lead with main lead but at the moment, Dr Gook is coming on strong as a contender. Jin Hee seems to be much better off without getting herself re-involved with Chang Min anyway. That mother in law is a monster in law, why would ANYONE want to jump into that hell hole again when one has already crawl out of it, barely alive 6 years ago! However, I know in the end we would get to the end whereby they will get back together but at least I think (at the moment) I wouldn’t be too sad if they don’t.


8 thoughts on “[Drama News] Emergency Couple: Episode 7 & 8 Preview

  1. i really want Jin Hee married with dr. Gook. dr Gook is cool and good looking man. and both Jin Hee and dr Gook have similarities, although sometimes they both clumpsy. I don’t agree if she married again with Chang Min; because Chang Min still does what his mother told. His mother very interferes his son’s life. This Preview is awsome; yes i really curious about the man that asleep beside Jin Hee’s shoulder. and I love to know that’s him: dr Gook. Thank you crazy9drama


  2. OMG !! I was going to claim so confidently that it was Chang Min, but look who’s here ! o_o
    I’m glad it’s Dr.Evil though.
    I’m no anti Chang Min since he’s less of a jerk now, but JH and Gook suit more each other.
    Like @Emergency Couple Lover said, I can’t imagine JH and CM getting back together at this moment, they would break up immediately. But that’s why this drama is 20 episodes long though, so that they can resolve all their problems. They’ll end up together for sure.

    But.. but.. Gook is cute and and such a softie. Plus, Lee Pil Mo portrays him so well. Aigoo.. Let’s not fall into second male lead syndrom guys. T_T


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