[Drama News] My Love From The Stars: Do Min Joon’s Brown LINE Stickers Part 1

Huhu~ Finally! I was hoping we get a Do Min Joon’s version of LINE sticker set and my wish has been granted! Well, at least a Brown version of it. I just hope we get another set later that has Kim Soo Hyun himself (yes, I know I’m greedy but I just ask to be fair coz you know… Chun Song Yi had 2).

It’s only available in certain countries (I don’t know whether it will be available worldwide later so please check your own sticker shop). For now, I know it is available in China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines and Indonesia.

Here’s the link to the sticker set (Open with your phone):
http://line.naver.jp/R/shop/detail/1641 (Korean)
http://line.naver.jp/R/shop/detail/1649 (English)
http://line.naver.jp/R/shop/detail/1646 (Traditional Chinese)
http://line.naver.jp/R/shop/detail/1645 (Simplified Chinese)
http://line.naver.jp/R/shop/detail/1648 (Bahasa Melayu)


It’s unfortunate that I forgot the source of the gifs but it’s creative so I’m putting it together with this post. If you guys know who it belongs to, do let me know so I can properly credit it to the owner. Thanks in advance.

Gif from: Tumblr


2 thoughts on “[Drama News] My Love From The Stars: Do Min Joon’s Brown LINE Stickers Part 1

  1. Oh no! I don’t think it’s available yet in the United States! I really hope they update this soon! I can’t wait to have a matching Min Joon set to go with my Song Yi stickers 😀


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