[Drama News] Joo Sang Wook Dates Lee Min Jung in Cunning Single Lady

MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday upcoming TV drama, Cunning Single Lady‘s two main leads Lee Min Jung and Joo Sang Wook have filmed their first scenes. The production crew has specially disclosed the photo stills. Cunning Single Lady is a rom-com that is about Na Ae Ra scheming to get his ex-husband Cha Jung Woo back after hearing that he has become successful in his business.

In the released stills, unmarried Cha Jung Woo and Na Ae Ra are having a date at the Han river. This will be a happy scene reminiscence for the divorced couple where Na Ae Ra looks pleased while Cha Jung Woo is seen with sweat on his forehead, exerting extra effort in pedalling.

Due to the time frame of that scene being set in spring, both actors had to withstand the cold weather and wear spring clothing for the shoot. In order to portray Na Ae Ra’s lively personality, Lee Min Jung not only wore short skirt but also used fan to fan herself. She said, “Today is the first day of shooting that because I was overly nervous that I did not feel cold”. Good for you because I feel cold for you. *Shiver*

In addition, Joo Sang Wook’s interpretation of the unsophisticated and geeky Cha Jung Woo with cotton pants, sweater and black rimmed glasses has shown a huge contrast to the image of his past roles. In order to perfectly portray the sweating scene due to pedalling, Joo Sang Wook ignored the cold and deliberately splashed water on his face, displaying respectable professionalism.

Joo Sang Wook has expressed that, “The first shooting has pleasantly ended and I feel that this drama will be very fun so I hope everyone will give their support” whereas Lee Min Jung said, “Having finished filming the first scene, I feel that this drama will be extremely fun and touching, I will work hard to bring true to life in portraying the cunning single lady.”

I, too, look forward to see Joo Sang Wook in a rom-com since my impression of him is stucked in serious characters from TEN and Good Doctor. I also look forward to see a scheming Lee Min Jung.

Cunning Single Lady will take over the airing time slot for Miss Korea.

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