[Drama News] Lee Jong Suk Confirmed for Doctor Stranger

Lee Jong Suk‘s agency Wellmade STARM has finally confirmed that Lee Jong Suk will join Park Hae Jin as the casts of Monday-Tuesday SBS TV drama, Doctor Stranger. The drama is slotted to air after Lee Bo Young’s drama, The God’s Gift – 14 Days.

Lee Jong Suk will be portraying Park Hoon, a genius doctor who escapes from North Korea and ends up in one of the best hospitals in South Korea.

Regarding his role, Lee Jong Suk expresses that, “I’m very nervous and excited but look forward to be portraying a charismatic character. In order to show the viewers the professional side of a surgeon/doctor, I am undergoing some preparations and also in order to present to all a mature performance, I am working hard so please kindly look forward to it.

Doctor Stranger is a medical intelligence melodrama directed by Jin Hyuk (City Hunter, Master’s Sun) and script written by Park Jin Woo (Conspiracy in the Court, The Kingdom of the Winds). The drama is set to air some time in April.

Yay to scoring both Park Hae Jin and Lee Jong Suk together in a drama! Well, Jong Suk has returned his hair colour to dark brown/black at the right time too. Now I look forward to see him in his new challenging role. He has the potential as an actor so I hope to see him excel in this one. With Jin Hyuk as the director, we will surely see very well done cinematography. I hope this so-called medical drama will really deal with medical conflicts and also medical scenes. *Fingers crossed*

News source: TenAsia | TV Report
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