[Drama News] My Love From The Stars: Episode 14 Preview

Episode #14 preview is finally released and it’s really short. They were still shooting episode 14 yesterday and some BTS pictures from fans went viral on the net (but you won’t see it here [阴险]). The schedule is very very tight. Sigh~ but let’s just focus on angry alien. He’s angry because Song Yi is hurt is what I assumed but I really hope he doesn’t materialize away from the interrogation room. Eek! Well, angry Do Min Joon is going to be pretty hot to look at. [得意地笑]

Preview #14

I wish the backhug scene is real but it looks a lot like an imagination scene more than they are together at this point. Aish~~ ! But seriously though, I didn’t want Song Yi to get hurt because I want her to get up from her career slump and outshine Se Mi in her first lead role movie. I want her to prove to Se Mi that she works hard to get to where she was and she still can because she is CHUN SONG YI!


2 thoughts on “[Drama News] My Love From The Stars: Episode 14 Preview

  1. honestly honestly honestly i want this time to be an exception where Do Min Joon will not save her. i don’t mean that i want her to get hurt what i mean is that there might be an accident but then Song Yi will still be ok and then she’ll realize that she can manage just fine without having to relay on Do Min Joon all the time. I need her to be strong enough for herself so that she can take back her career and everything. I really don’t want this continuing trend in the drama where she constantly gets hurt and DMJ is always there for her. If this continues she will just fall in love with him more and I think in the end DMJ will constantly push her away.

    which is NO!! i need my female leads to be strong empowered women!! lol!


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