Lee Min Ho Dubbing for Innisfree Webtoon

Despite all his heavy and busy schedule after filming The Heirs, Lee Min Ho was able to spare some time in dubbing his voice for the manga version of himself in Innisfree webtoon. Seriously dude, ever thought about taking a vacation after the long hours shooting of the drama?

Anyway, let us take a look at behind the scenes of him dubbing for the webtoon and introducing… er… himself in manga, LOL! He looks gorgeous in this video clip. Casual wear really suits him and of course his alter ego in webtoon also looks handsome. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like him at all, haha.

Note: Ummm… if you think his skin is flawlessly smooth, then I regretfully inform you now that I’ve PS him. [阴险] BWAHAHAHA!

Video source: Innisfree Youtube


One thought on “Lee Min Ho Dubbing for Innisfree Webtoon

  1. LOL @ the need to photoshop LMH! Actually I like the fact that he’s not so vain to be wanting to be buffed all the time & visiting the derma for treatment. Makes him more manly….hahaha! I dislike his stylist bec she dresses him like a metrosexual all the time. I prefer his own casual, laid back style.

    Lastly, someone please give LMH a vacation. I don’t know when he found the time to shoot for Eider S/S, Bench (though I suspect this was done in Oct), and that Isun potato chip ad. I really wish some break for him outside of the public eye for rest and preparation for Gangnam Blues. I fear his agency is putting too many fan meets in his sked on top of other things. I just really hope they let him focus on his acting. I don’t want him to turn into JGS (so much wasted potential). But at least, LMH continues to choose diverse roles so he can continue to grow.


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