[Drama News] Park Hae Jin Plays a Genius in Doctor Stranger

Uri Hwi Kyung, I mean Park Hae Jin is confirmed for an upcoming drama named Doctor Stranger. He will play a genius doctor – Han Jae Joon who graduated from Harvard University and is a professional chest surgeon. He is described to be in his 30s, intelligent and talented.

Park Hae Jin is currently the only confirmed cast for this drama. Lee Jong Suk, Park Min Young and Kang So Ra are all reported to be considering. Lee Jong Suk is scouted to play the genius doctor from North Korea that somehow ends up working in a hospital in South Korea.

Park Min Young’s role will be an oriental medicine anesthesia specialist (Huh?) and she will be the romance conflict in Lee Jong Suk’s character’s love life because she resembles the girl he likes back home. Kang So Ra is invited to play the character Oh Soo Hyun – supposedly an instructor in the cardiothoracic surgery department and the daughter of the hospital’s chairman who has a loveline with Park Hae Jin.

The drama is scheduled to air some time in April after Lee Bo Young‘s God’s Gift – 14 Days.

Drama God. What is this? Dr. Jin II? [哼]

Anyway, Park Hae Jin’s agency WM Company has released two photos of him in hanbok wishing everyone a Happy Lunar New Year.

Source: TV Report | Sina |