Do Manager Kim Soo Hyun Overload in GRAZIA

Kim Soo Hyun as alien professor / manager / bodyguard Do Min Joon from My Love From The Stars is featured under the Celeb story in GRAZIA. Yay to more BTS stills but boooo to it not being HD! But beggars can’t be choosy so I’ll still ogle at it (with a pout).

HAHAHA, one of my favourite scene from episode 7. I love Lawyer Jang’s jealousy over Min Joon getting a mobile phone due to Song Yi. His jealousy is understandable because for 10 long years, Min Joon never got one when he asked but he got it immediately after Song Yi nagged about it. That’s just show how thin friendship is over love, hahaha!

Love the drunken scene too due to the fact that I think Kim Soo Hyun acted really well with his eyes showing he is drunk. Of course there’s that riding the horse to the moon mirroring ET.

Awww man. The last 3 potrait size, WHY so small?!

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Source: Grazia | Celeb Story Grazia


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