[Fashion] Seo In Guk Partnering Park Min Young for Outdoor Apparel ISENBERG

Seo In Guk and Park Min Young recently partner up to film a CF for outdoor apparel brand ISENBERG, in which they perfectly showed off the various casual sporting styles.

Even though it is the first time for Park Min Young to challenge an outdoor apparel shoot but she received praises from the staff for her energetic pose on the set whereas Seo In Guk has been endorsing this brand for the second consecutive year, therefore it was natural for him express the combination of sporting and outdoor style with ease.

It is the first time both In Guk and Min Young work together therefore they spent their break time by discussing and exchanging their opinions on posing; thus, they got along really well.

ISENBERG said, “Although it took a long time to film but Seo In Guk and Park Min Young completed the shoot with a positive attitude. Due to their sunny, energetic and fashionable personality, they were able to present the young and full of youth style for our brand.”

Source: Korea Star Daily


One thought on “[Fashion] Seo In Guk Partnering Park Min Young for Outdoor Apparel ISENBERG

  1. People might kill me for this… But I would have loved it if Eider chose PMY as LMH’s new partner. LOL… Right, like that is going to happen. .

    Saw the new Eider S/S BTS shoot. I don’t know when Minho found the time to shoot it. Jeez, his schedule has been crazy since The Heirs (or maybe even before). Someone give this guy a vacation.


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