Lee Young Ae Beautiful & Gorgeous in Hanbok in MARIE CLAIRE

Oh wow! Lee Young Ae (Dae Jang Geum) is soooooo beautiful in this series of photoshoot for February edition of MARIE CLAIRE! Lee Young Ae will be the cover model for MARIE CLAIRE and it’s the first time in history for hanbok to be featured on the cover of the magazine.

I really really like how it looks, the colour of the hanbok is very simple but it is a big WOW to the eyes for the colour combination of blue and purple. It’s not too bright and it eases on the eyes. I like simple and this is simple yet beautiful.

>> Updated with more gorgeous pictures! I absolutely love all of the pictures (well okay, the hanbok!)

I also love this colour combination too. White with purple lining and orange ribbon (not too sure what that is called).

This green although is not my favourite colour but somehow it looks just as good with cream colour. I basically love all the hanbok being displayed by Lee Young Ae.


Source: 韓流台 | Korea Star Daily | Marie Claire Korea