[Drama News] Kim Hee Sun and Lee Seo Jin Reunite in Wonderful Season

Upcoming KBS 2 weekend drama – Wonderful Season (or Wonderful Days) starring Kim Hee Sun and Lee Seo Jin will premiere on February 22.

In Wonderful Season, Kang Dong Suk (Lee Seo Jin) is a successful but arrogant prosecutor who returns to his hometown for the first time in 15 years and bumps into his first love Cha Hae Won (Kim Hee Sun), who is a carefree employee of a debt-collecting company. Other than the two main leads, the drama also consist of 2PM’s Taecyeon, Ryu Seung Soo, Kim Ji Ho, Kang Sang Ho and so on.

The production team recently released photos of Lee Seo Jin and Kim Hee Sun filming their first scene. In the photos, Lee Seo Jin is seen looking at Kim Hee Sun intently but she avoids his gaze.

Their first scene was filmed on location in Kyung Ju on January 11 where they showed a strong sense of presence with their acting and were in complete control of the set’s atmosphere from the start. In addition, both actors were seen actively discussing with Kim Jin Won PD regarding their roles and are confident with their new drama. Filming in front of the camera, Lee Seo Jin was able to reprise the arrogant prosecutor by his unique gaze while Kim Hee Sun also perfectly portrayed Cha Hae Won’s complex and conflicted emotions.

Lee Seo Jin expressed, “The script writer, director and I have analysed the role many times, read many related books and did a lot of preparation privately. In order to be able to withstand the long filming, I have also work hard in maintaining my stamina and have immersed my role as Kang Dong Suk into my daily life. It has been awhile since I am involved in a modern drama therefore I am very happy so please support us and pay close attention to us in the future.”

Meanwhile Kim Hee Sun said, “During the course of filming, I gradually realised that we have a very good team here. We have been constantly interacting with one another. In order to portray Cha Hae Won, I have been speaking with dialect and I also feel that I am Hae Won in real life. I will work really hard and let viewers feel the happiness through watching Wonderful Season.”

The production company expressed, “Lee Seo Jin and Kim Hee Sun were able to flex their emotions with relative ease and used their solid acting and perfect appearance to film the first scene. We hope that viewers can look forward to seeing their beautiful romance through the drama.”

Wonderful Season is a drama about family’s values, love and the importance of neighbourly warmth. It is a drama that is suitable for family of all ages.

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I am really thrilled to see uri imja back on the small screen with a new project. 2012 was not exactly a fantastic year for her even though she was superb in the time-travelling drama with Lee Min Ho in Faith. I’d say what happened was close to being a disaster for her since Faith is her first come back drama after 10 years. To me, the drama itself was great and she matches with Lee Min Ho perfectly on-screen. I wish her all the best for this new drama and a new year hopefully brings her good luck and smooth sailing from now onwards. Aja aja fighting, imja! <333

Source: Korean Star Daily | Asian Wiki | Osen