Choi Jin Hyuk: A Gentleman in Autumn Wear for IN STYLE

Recently in tvN drama’s Emergency Couple, actor Choi Jin Hyuk has collaborated with fashion magazine In Style for a set of photoshoot. In this set of photoshoot, Choi Jin Hyuk is dressed in casual yet simple Autumn wear; whether he is sitting indoor or leaning against the street’s wall, he was able to express his gentlemanly charm with a smile.

I am happy that thanks to The Heirs, Choi Jin Hyuk scored himself a lead role as his character Kim Won was so under-developed and under-used by Kim Eun Sook. Therefore, I hope he made some hard impression with this new drama of his (which he already has but a negative one, lol!). To be honest, right now we Crazies probably want to each give him a smack with the way he treated Song Ji Hyo in ER Couple. Sighhh~ but I have hope, that the bad boy always becomes a good boy in the end, right? That is the law of K-drama. I look forward to Song Ji Hyo giving him a kick in the behind soon when she learns her strength and knows that she is better than any of them, there is no need to feel inferior to anyone.

source: Sina