[Drama News] My Love From The Stars on LINE with Song Yi as Cony Free Stickers

That’s right, Stars lovers! If you don’t know yet, My Love From The Stars is on LINE since last week. Song Yi has been helping LINE advertise it heavily if you hadn’t noticed (hint hint: her crazy messages to Do manager, LOL!) and with Brown, Cony or Sally merchandises appearing very subtly (Not!) all over her house. Heh.

I’ve been reluctant to do a post last week only because Stars is the very opposite of The Heirs. It doesn’t really update thousands of spoilerific pictures like Heirs so I was going to wait and see if anything interesting pop up before I do a post just for it and this week it has! Once you have added their official account (Find them under Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong or China), you will start receiving some news updates, stills or episode preview sent to you (although they are always late).

You should also download Line Special Cony Sticker: Chun Song Yi edition (link only works if you are using your phone) for free. So what are you all waiting for? Song Yi’s Cony stickers are available worldwide and you don’t need to add Stars official account to download it.

[NEW] Instructions:

Too many people asking on how to add so here is a brief instruction (Android or iPhone/iPad platform). I am unfamiliar with Blackberry or Windows so please explore the functions of LINE yourself or Google.

More > Official Accounts > Select Another country > Korea, Hong Kong, China or Singapore etc > Entertainment > My Love From The Stars
Adding these will allow you to receive updates from them and may entitled you to download the two FREE stickers.

And LINE sent me a family photo of Hwi Kyung…

…Ummm I like that but can we have more of Do manager with his Chun Song Yi? Please?

Source: My Love From The Stars Official LINE account


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    • As you mentioned Windows Phone doesn’t have those settings you mentioned… And I’ve looked everywhere but there’s no “official accounts” in Windows Phone’s Line. However, I can add them through scanning their QR code… Can you add an image of their QR code? It means the world to me if you do so!!!! Thank you


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