[Drama News] My Love From The Stars: Episode 1-4 Stills

It is rather disappointing that My Love From The Stars did not share the same priviledge The Heirs did and SBS isn’t paying them as much attention as they did with The Heirs. The Heirs has too many spoilerific pictures released each week whereas My Love From The Stars have none. I’m not complaining on the spoiler pictures but heck, I do want my HQ pictures! So this make me a very unhappy blogger because I’m not getting my pictures in HQ. *Pout*

>> Updated one new picture in episode #1






Image source: SBS | HB Entertainment


4 thoughts on “[Drama News] My Love From The Stars: Episode 1-4 Stills

  1. I feel the same way we need more from this drama. I love love Lee Min Ho and I loved Heirs, but this drama is so good it deserves more. I love everything about it especially the actors. Please SBS do better with this drama. I really hope that the ratings give it justice.


  2. i soo love your blog and i sooo adore you of posting updates about this tv series. 🙂 more power on your blog !!!..


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