Lee Hyun Woo Adorable in 10+ STAR

Cute pie Lee Hyun Woo is the cover model of February edition of 10+ STAR. After the movie Secretly Greatly, Hyun Woo has been adjusting himself to look mature physically, hence, he has taken the opportunity in this photoshoot with the theme of “Valentine’s Day” to present to us his own unique charm.

In the shoot, he demonstrated lazy and also hazy sort of feeling with the use of chocolate, cakes and other props to interpret a lovable, handsome man’s figure (although I just think he’s cute! Hahaha!).

Hyun Woo said, “I am someone who infuse 2 teaspoons of enthusiasm, half a teaspoon of sunshine and a teaspoon of curiosity.” In addition, Hyun Woo also talks about his university life, his trip with Park Ji Bin (perhaps the latest QTV’s Real Mate) and he also talks about his problems and thoughts as an actor.

10+ STAR | Korean Star Daily