[Drama News] My Love From The Stars: Episode 11 Preview

Finally the long awaited preview is out and… and…

Song Yi is first sussing out Min Joon’s reaction after her confession and she follows him to the camping site. Min Joon asks her if she wants to hear his answer so that’s why she followed him and she tells him she just wants to be with him.

At 0:14 Min Joon: Getting old together, what kind of feeling is that?

Hwi Kyung: Uri Song Yi seem to like you a lot.

Min Joon: If you like her then use your own method to protect her. Protect Chun Song Yi well, starting from your brother.

Jae Kyung (screams): How dare you command me?

Jae Kyung: Because you are there to protect her, I found another way. What (are you) going to do? Make a choice

How did Do Min Joon got on Song Yi’s bed??? Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~!!!!

Omo omo omo!!! Song Yi saw the reflection of the villainy minion but I know this smart girl won’t do anything stupid or irrational for sure. Call the police!!!

Video & Chinese translation by: JW La La