Jeon Ji Hyun ‘Beautiful & Elengant’ in ELLE

These photos of Jeon Ji Hyun will be featured in the February edition of fashion magazine – ELLE. The theme is spring’s white and mint to enhance Jeon Ji Hyun’s infinite charm. In the photoshoot, she is seen wearing neutral colour or black and white clothings holding snake skin handbags outlining a strong and capable metropolitan woman’s charms. Jeon Ji Hyun also uses her profound eyes and emotions to illustrate deeper and layered type of charms.

I feel like I am looking at Chun Song Yi. This woman seriously has a thousand different faces. At times I see her as ordinary, a girl, sassy, quirky or crazy but then at times she exudes elegance and grace. In these photos I see that elegance again but I also see a beautiful, tough and strong-minded metropolitan woman.

Image source: ELLE