[Musings] My Love From The Stars: Episode 6

Episode 5 we have more cute between the Star couple while this episode we get an insight to Min Joon’s heart and feelings. Prepare tissues for this episode.

It carries forward from last episode that Min Joon runs to Song Yi in fear that she will be in danger. He is becoming reckless and puts his identity at risk as he materialises in the middle of the lobby. I’m just at awe at his luck because surely the lobby also has a CCTV, no? His feelings for Song Yi has become more and more transparent as he displayed his jealous side (which is funny as the drama shows us in parallel of his lecture telling his students that jealousy is an act of childishness and he has never felt that kind of emotion) towards Hwi Kyung. I do wonder if he realised he is acting childishly because he does it ever so calmly, lol!

We finally get to the end of the tale of Yi Hwa and it was a tragic and beautiful story. She died to save the poisoned Min Joon and left her hairpin as her token for appreciation towards him saving her life and furthermore she tells him he is the reason that she stops resenting and living her life in resignation. She died in his arms. Oh my poor heart! Oh my poor alien bawling into the dark but starry night at the lost of his love. Finally, I got a confirmation that he does love Yi Hwa.

Min Joon: “There is a moment I wish time could stop forever. That is the moment the person I loved met death. I don’t want to see, I don’t want to believe, where I can’t do a thing, the moment where I feel helpless.”

*Sob* *Sob* I feel his sorrow and helplessness; I feel his regret and understand why he became so attached to Song Yi no matter how much he tried to control himself. It’s the remnant of the regret left in his heart that is driving his determination to ensure her safety. Other than that it is also because he has fallen for Song Yi because she has tugged on his heartstrings since they first met and their lonely souls resonate with one another through time and space. It is undeniable that he was curious of Song Yi because she bears the resemblance of Yi Hwa but we all know, Song Yi is nothing like Yi Hwa. Min Joon did not fall in love with her because she is the reincarnated Yi Hwa (note: he doesn’t believe in reincarnation).

One thing I noticed about their relationship is that Song Yi is the male and Min Joon is the female, LOL! First uri Song Yi stole Min Joon’s first kiss (note: with him looking all innocent) and then again in this episode, Song Yi holds his hand first and his response is shocked (aigoo, uri alien is such a cute virgin!). She then drags him away like a man drags a woman away, bwahahaha! Min Joon’s expression is so cute and only Song Yi or Song Yi related issue could force such cute responses from him.

Baaaaahhhh~ what a heart-felt confession from Hwi Kyung. I can’t helped but be touched by this airhead even though I want Song Yi for Min Joon.

Hwi Kyung: “To be honest, I like it that you are in trouble because only when you are that I can do something for you, that I will have the chance to get into your life. I am bad, isn’t it? But can you see that as love? For the past 15 years I’ve been confessing to you half seriously and half jokingly because I fear that you would reject me completely and it will be difficult to face you. Can you see this as love? You said that crying in front of me wouldn’t hurt your pride and ever since young I’ve seen many sides of you and that you feel at ease the most in front of me, that too, can you see that as love between us? Take that as love and come to my side. I will be responsible for you and your family. You can do whatever you want, I will let you do them all.”


Poor Min Joon ~

Min Joon: “There is a moment I wish time could stop forever. For the words that I do not what to hear.”

He freezes the time and as he narrates (above quote) and walks away because he is afraid of hearing her affirmative answer to Hwi Kyung’s confession / proposal. He acknowledges he loves her! Omonaaaa! I feel so happy that he has acknowledged it and yet feel sad for him because he acknowledges it at a time that he thought he is losing her. I did not expect him to acknowledge it that quickly so is that mean next episode we will be seeing him trying to distant himself from her? I especially love the sad look Kim Soo Hyun wore when he freezed the time and walked away. So apt for his feelings at that moment.

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