[Drama News] My Love From The Stars: Episode 7-8 Preview

The preview is finally out and [抓狂][抓狂][抓狂][抓狂][抓狂][抓狂]

The last thing in the preview that Song Yi says to Min Joon is something along the lines of ‘they must always be together’ and Min Joon asks, ‘Always… together?’ [抓狂][抓狂][抓狂]

It is a short preview but heck, Min Joon’s facial expression of discomfort being around her (because he loves her but should not) is giving me so much FEELS! Song Yi-ya, you are using this to tie him around your hip isn’t it? Good girl! I know you trust and love him, you just don’t know it yet. Tee hee!

But I am a bit worried why she is in the hospital again!


2 thoughts on “[Drama News] My Love From The Stars: Episode 7-8 Preview

  1. I got very excited after watching the preview. Does Song Yi introducing Min Joon oppa as her manager to Mom? I hope she’ll get him a smartphone. Because he’s her manager now. He should be reachable whenever she needs him.


    • How about the scene in Min Joon car when she asked him to her manager or bodyguard, because she can do nothing alone since never done anything alone, even she didn’t know how to order coffee. Then Min Joon ask how much she’s gonna paid him. Isn’t it mean “yes I will be your manager”?


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