[Musings] My Love From The Stars: Episode 5

I don’t know how many times I have been declaring my love for My Love From The Stars and the Star couple. I am very sure I have been declaring my love for them at least once a week everytime time I write about them, lol.

The First Kiss

*Gasp* ~ goodness! This puts me in cloud nine. Episode 5 starts off with the kiss and no matter how many times I re-watch this scene, I am just so in love with the way it was shot and how mesmerizing Min Joon’s eyes are in this scene.

Min Joon’s eyes widen up when his lips touched hers and looking like an innocent boy who has never been kissed, yet he was so calm even after having his first kiss stolen. I also love the part when Song Yi pulled him closer because she was cold. His eyes darting left and right when she did that makes me dying to know what was on his mind at the time. Did he perhaps feel his heart skip a beat? This scene also linked back to episode 4 when Song Yi hushed Min Joon by putting a finger on his lips. When I saw that scene I had felt the show’s emphasis on it (no, not because Kim Soo Hyun has sexy lips) so when finally in this scene we see Song Yi hushes Min Joon, it all makes sense. The hush scene in episode 4 supposedly reminds Min Joon of their kiss (for at least a split second?), hehehe!

Also, it feels like a total reversal from the typical drama kiss whereby usually it’s the guy that has his eyes closed and eats the girl’s lips, however, here we have Song Yi – the girl stealing a kiss from him and he was the one with the surprised look. I love how Kim Soo Hyun did not overdo his surprised wide-eyes look like a lot of the actresses do. His facial expression and eyes were portrayed perfectly for this scene.

It was really nice to see them ‘hanging out’ together for a night and it was pretty obvious that Min Joon enjoyed her company. I love that he is starting to care so much that he gets curious and digs for more about her ‘dream’ with him in it. Her refusal to tell him prompted him to tease her what he already knows (with a deadpan expression if I may add) – it must be a racy dream, LOL! Aish this alien, what am I to do with him? The more I re-watch this scene the more details I find of him – He keeps acting cold and distant to her but he is so curious of her, watches her intently and pays attention to what she says. I love his matter-of-factly speech when he indignantly told her off about expecting alien(s) to help humans and settle their problems themselves all the way to his sheepish look when she countered back with “Are you an alien? Do you have superpowers?” questions.

The flying saucers appearing in the news bring us back to Min Joon’s past where we see a short cameo by Kim Soo Ro (LOL!). Yi Hwa’s fake death have been found out and her house was being searched by soldiers. Her father died trying to stop the soldiers while she and poisoned Min Joon managed to disappear before the soldiers find them. Gaaahhhh~ what happened after that? Plus what does the flying saucers mean? If it has been sighted in the modern days, shouldn’t Min Joon go out and look for them immediately if he wants to go home?

Their heart-to-heart talk at the balcony was especially heart-warming and straight into each others’ hearts, well okay, at least into Min Joon’s heart.

Min Joon: “Don’t give or receive anything, or expect from anyone. Then you’ll have nothing to be disappointed in or hurt about.”

This statement rings true to how uri alien has been living his life on earth. Just exactly how much he has been hurt to become the way he is is what I really want to know. I am sure part of it is because it pains him too much to see his loved ones turned old and die before him so he makes the decision to detach his feelings and protect it. Song Yi disagrees and questions, “What’s the point of living and feeling all alone?”

Strike #1 from Song Yi into his heart where we see what she said took effect as he responded by stop sipping his hot drinks. Min Joon then counters that she is surrounded and loved by many people, yet she is still alone. She disagrees and declares, “I’m not alone, we are together” and strike #2 – his eyes went from “I was right” to the realization that “she is right”. It was especially sweet & cute that in the epilogue after he barks at her to watch out of his 1 metre rule, she steps away more than 1 metre that he tells her 1 metre is less than that but she was too preoccupied at the time that he instead moves closer to her. Heh. Awww! This is why they belong together. Two lonely souls who can hear each others’ cries of loneliness.

Min Joon reads from a book named “Mysterious Voyage” about a porcelain rabbit that fell in love with a girl and witnessing the death of that girl. The rabbit swore never to fall in love again. He wanders around in his bedroom before he goes out to check on Song Yi. He looks at her and remembers Yi Hwa saying that she liked him and that she wished to grow up quickly. He looks at Song Yi again and I can’t help but think at that moment he is seeing Song Yi as what the grown up Yi Hwa should have looked like. *WAIL* So sad, this definitely means Yi Hwa never grew up to adulthood!

The Love Fight

*Giggles* – My second favourite scene of this episode! *Giggles* I can’t stop smiling when I watch this scene. As we know Min Joon alienated himself away from people so much that he has become this monotonous stoic walking flesh, it’s so refreshing to see him being so reactive whenever he is with Song Yi and this is one of those scenes.

I call this a love fight because neither acquaintances nor friends will and are comfortable to do that, only people who are close, comfortable and have feelings for each other tend to do that kind of fight because they subconsciously want to be intimate with each other. *Hehehehe ~ giggles even more*

Is there a need for Min Joon to go on top of her? Perhaps. Although it was just a play-fun fighting game between the two but it can be quite dangerous for Min Joon since he might lose his manhood alienhood in the process so I’d think it was a spontaneous response that he would want to subdue her. After all, we do possess animal instinct and scientifically speaking, male species seem to possess the DNA to want to dominate and conquer over others therefore it seems fit of what he did. I do love what happened after their play-fun was interrupted by Lawyer Jang but I also wonder what would happen if they did not get interrupted. Would it lead to another kiss?! 😀

Eating Together

I just love watching Song Yi having the upper hand over Min Joon, hehehe! And I realised I ain’t the only one because Lawyer Jang is just as amused as I am, LOL! Although I am wondering if the writer is going to go with the seed she planted before regarding Min Joon unable to mix saliva or blood with his food because we are watching him eating with two humans. It doesn’t look like he has mixed his food with their saliva but the moment Song Yi’s chopsticks touches the fish on his plate, isn’t that mean a possible mixture of her saliva onto his food? I’m completely curious if he had continue to eat that fish (just in case).

It is extremely funny that when Min Joon and lawyer Jang go out shopping for Song Yi, even though his mouth was complaining about why the need for fake eye-lashes at home, denying that there is anything between them but his reaction totally gives him out as he immediately dashes to get it for her when Lawyer Jang pointed that he found the location of the eye lashes! LOLLL!

It was sweet of Min Joon trying to stop Song Yi from finding out about the billboard sign and I love the dynamic change at that scene from Jeon Ji Hyun’s Song Yi. She went from cheery Song Yi to a dignified & hurt Song Yi. I also love the intelligent usage of the dialogue “Are you alright?” from Min Joon for that scene – he’s asking her how was her foot but she answered a completely different thing thus revealing more of her inner feelings to us through that dialogue.

So the cute prosecutor turns out to be Se Mi’s brother and apart from Song Yi and Min Joon being in danger from Jae Kyung, he may be the that other person that may perish in the process of this investigation. As for Se Mi, I’m not at all surprised that she would jump at the chance to take over Song Yi. It has been quite obvious that she has lived as Song Yi’s shadow far too long and her desire and jealousy could only grow stronger and motivate her to betray and lie. What I wonder is if she will be written to be the ultimate villain or she’ll redeem herself in the later episodes.

I am seriously curious as to what type of back story Lee Jae Kyung has. He makes a very interesting villain and I’m dying to know how he become so sick? I love how Hwi Kyung tries so hard to take care of Song Yi’s family and he isn’t doing it to impress Song Yi. However, is he the grown up version of Kim Tan? I cannot helped but be reminded of Kim Tan when he confesses his love for Song Yi to his parents, LOL! It sures did not help when they put a parody of The Heirs in it too. Aigoo seriously, if he really wants his family to accept Song Yi he should work hard in the company and prove his capability and use that as a negotiation chip to help Song Yi. I think it would have been more effective that way however this is why Hwi Kyung is cute too. His airheadedness serves as a comical relief for the drama and I quite enjoy it because he’s a lovable character and he means no harm to anyone – like a puppy!

That said it is still extremely sickening that SBS is forcing the audiences with The Heirs. It really does not help for those who already dislike The Heirs in the first place, the over-exposure and marketing will only make people dislike the drama even more in my opinion. I take pleasure in knowing that the way it was played out is more of mocking The Heirs by casting little kiddies to parody The Heirs and send out the message that little kids should concentrate on their studies first before they think about love, LOL! 😛

Overall this episode is really enjoyable and filled of cute with the revelation of Min Joon’s love deepening for Song Yi as he dashes to her side at the end, putting his identity at risk.


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  1. About mixing saliva and blood with human, thank you for reminding me that. Didn’t he already mixed a lil saliva in the first kiss? Also with the chopstick (you have a sharp eye to catch those scene). You’ve making me curious too. Because I remember a scene when a girl want to kiss him in the past then he confessed he came from the star. What did he mean by that? What will happen? Will the mixing of saliva (or blood) make him loose his ability as an extraterrestrial creature (like Clark Kent with the cryptonite) or the opposite? Will Song Yi turn to be an extraterrestrial woman? Both are OK for me, does it means that they can live be together?


    • I wish it won’t weaken him but will change her. I don’t want a sad ending like he had on Secretly Greatly. Just watch that movie, Soo-hyun also using beeper there like he does as Min Joon ^_^.


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