Lee Jong Suk Absolutely Gorgeous in HIGH CUT

OH. MY. GOD! Bobo & Toto Emoticons 50

Gorgeous. LOVEEEE! Abso-f*-lutely gorgeous! Excuse the language, ahem! This is one very good photoshoot from Lee Jong Suk. The lighting, settings, colours, fashions and of course the model. Goodness me. I like it more than the ones from Kim Woo Bin and these two besties are featured in the January 2014 edition of HIGH CUT.

Just look at those eye lashes. Why do boys get long eyelashes over girls? T_____T
Makes me so jealous all the time and his long eyelashes is one of the reasons of his attractiveness / appeal (another is the mole under his right eye).

Image source: Naver


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