[Fashion] Lee Min Ho’s Awards Fashion 2009 – 2013


Tomorrow is SBS Drama Awards 2013 and it’s that time of the year where the stars battle out on the red carpet on who is the best dressed! Lee Min Ho has been looking gorgeous each time he attended the awards especially last year’s so I am expecting him to blow up more ovaries tomorrow night. I’m going to be busy nose-bleeding as a few of my biases are attending, hahaha! That said, I do hope Lee Jong Suk will dye his hair back to black in time (why the hell he is in blonde today at the Hot Blooded Youth press con is beyond me. [泪] ). Wait, are all the boys from The Heirs attending too? OMGGGG ~~ I don’t have money to buy a new screen monitor! [悲伤]

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2009 Baeksang Arts Awards

2009 KBS Drama Awards

2010 KBS Drama Awards

2010 MBC Drama Awards

2011 Korea Drama Awards

2011 Blue Dragon Film Awards

2011 SBS Drama Awards

2012 SBS Drama Awards

2013 China Fashion Awards

2013 Baidu Fei Dian Awards

2013 SBS Drama Awards

== End of 2013 ==

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