Lee Min Ho ‘Sizzling Hot’ in News Articles Interviews

Few days ago we have seen selca of Lee Min Ho doing interviews with 2 journalists and finally the interview articles are released today and I nearly died of heart-attack when I woke up to see the sea of dead bodies and the deadly weapon laying before my eyes. I would say finally it is HIS turn because I’ve been flooded with Kim Woo Bin before him and was wondering why he hasn’t gotten his share of the hall of fame after The Heirs ended.

Here’s what kills… ogle time is here, Lee Min Ho fans! Disclaimer: The blog and its post on Lee Min Ho is not liable for the damage it caused to its reader(s). Enter at your own risk!

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Lee Min Ho’s Burns Your Screen Stares Seductive in White You Know You Want Me ~ Lee Min Ho in Dark Blue Long Coat is the ‘In’ Style

Black & White: The Best, The Coolest & The Simplest

Saving the best for last ~ Lee Min Ho in black (and white). The colour he is most comfortable with and is seen in the most. Guess what? It suits him the best too! ^ ^

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7 thoughts on “Lee Min Ho ‘Sizzling Hot’ in News Articles Interviews

  1. He is gorgeous! I’m a relatively new full-blown LMH fan, having liked him in BOF & City Hunter but fell really hard due to Faith. Sadly I only watched Faith in Jun this year & there was no turning back. I’m liking him more and more as I read his interviews – ESP his work habit, his love for acting, close familial relationship & humility.

    Oops back to my point. I think he didn’t give interviews right away after Heirs ended but flew to SG & CN instead. Still, like you, I felt bad that everyone – even KJW – was giving interviews & doing shoots left & right but no LMH. But I also realized after doing some research that LMH tend to be very selective in the interviews and shoots he accepts. Is my perception right or wrong? I wonder. I would actually prefer that I am right. He is talented & seems very serious about acting so I don’t think Starhaus need to pimp him out so much. I would rather he gives insightful interviews than accommodate plenty that lacked depth.


    • @Tom Brady’s girl
      I know exactly how you feel, you can tell LMH gives he’s all in every single project plus he’s gorgeous. He’s passion is so attractive. I fell for all the reasons you stated. I too became such a fan I never even knew I could be such a fan-girl to any artist but I love he’s acting so much that I’m now head over heels fanatic.


    • Is the 10+ Star interview the same as the TenAsia interview he did at the start of The Heirs? If yes, yeah, agree that was a pretty insightful one. I can tell he enjoyed the interview too.

      The Esquire photos were pretty amazing. I think I can look at that photo of him holding a camera all day long. LOL the clothes, his expression, overall styling – all awesome!


  2. Lol, I love the disclaimer! I continue to ask myself how is this man so damn attractive!? I want to resist falling for he’s charm but it’s so damn it’s inevitable. Thanks for the eye candy!


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