[A Present from Tani – Last set] Kim Tan fashion for Auction!

The last set of Kim Tan’s fashion auction is here and I can’t believe he is auctioning off this blue Gucci sweater and coat! WAEEEEE? Keep it! Aishhh, I supposed it will benefit more if he auctions it since the whole nation (and internationally) the fans loved him in it.

OMG! HAHAHA! The suit from the 10 years imagination scene. This I am glad he is selling it off.

Ha! Birthday white suit is out for auction too. I’d think so, it’s not Lee Min Ho’s style.

I’m pretty surprised to see these two. Well ok, at least for the burgundy because that’s what he wore to the press conference so I thought that was his own stash but still, glad he is getting rid of it! I didn’t like him in this red suit. It fitted him the best among the other boys but the colour is just ‘…’, it just screams ‘Not Lee Min Ho’. I actually like the Jacquard Suit that he wore to the almond farm.

Another white coat so this the one he went to break up with Eun Sang. Throwing away his memories with Eun Sang, hey? Good choice. Time to move on to his real life, shed the Heirs’ burden/crown and tackle his new movie and prepare for his encore concert. Time to re-learn booty shaking for us to see 😀

Image source: Euphoriaseoul


2 thoughts on “[A Present from Tani – Last set] Kim Tan fashion for Auction!

  1. Oh, thank goodness that he keeps the mouldy green coat and the tee he wore in the scene he confessed to ES in the beginning of ep 8 “Like me from now on, with your heart if possible, because I like you”. To me, he looks the best in that coat and that tee: young, dynamic, stylish, fitted, gorgeous. He seems to be fit in any type of fashion except any kind of low bottom trousers because of his long back. It would be more terribe of him in low bottom combined with short leg trousers.


  2. glad to see he didnt put on auction the shirt that he wore on closet kiss. lol. I heard, that shirt was most expensive on his clothes. WOW! Of course, memorable scene 😛


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