[Musings] My Love From The Stars: Episode 3 – 4

Episode 3

This episode follows suit from last week’s episodes and still comes off really strong. It starts off with Min Joon’s memories with Seo Yi Hwa. I am dying to know what has happened between them. The purposely broken up back story of Min Joon is driving me insane, it makes me craving for more yet is glad they break it up and keep the mystery. I know I know – I willingly enjoy the bittersweet torture.

Min Joon denies that it isn’t love with Yi Hwa but the reason being he owed her. How is that possible? I don’t understand. The way his story tells us so far, he has an unexplainable attachment to her, if not love then what?

“I will protect you” – that statement comes from the alien who refused to speak a word (or he was still learning). But the first thing he said to Yi Hwa was this. I feel the impact and the significance of this promise. A promise made by men like Min Joon, Park Soo Ha (I Hear Your Voice) or Choi Young (Faith) can only mean they truly meant it and will die to protect.

I love Song Yi. I think she’s the type of girl who does some good deed for someone but doesn’t need them to know about it or repay it back. She really did not have to stand up for Se Mi but she did, that just means she sees Se Mi as her friend. It’s sad for me to watch Se Mi plotting against her due to envy and jealousy but the impact would be a good watch when she finds out later on.

Lee Hwi Kyung – what a shit! Hahaha! He cracks me up. He’s not supposed to reveal his background to the staffs but its all the more hilarious he pretended like nothing happens and acts all dumb when the truth about him being the son of the company was revealed, by himself. LMAO! [哈哈]

LOL at Min Joon’s not-so-subtle attempt to help Song Yi to the hospital. There is just no way he would leave her be anymore, they are connected by that invisible red string of fate. It has already wrapped and tied them together. I absolutely adore the Stars couple and love every moment of their interactions – they create sparks whenever they are on screen.

Episode 3 is an episode filled with laughter – while Min Joon reminisces his memories of Yi Hwa on the first snow fall; Song Yi totally ruins the moment by reciting the food she’s craving against their calories! [黑线] Hahaha, just look at Min Joon’s face upon hearing it (see picture above). I  half expected her to say something similar to Yi Hwa and catch Min Joon off guard but she is after all Song Yi, a woman who has Yi Hwa’s face but is not Yi Hwa. [偷笑]

Min Joon using a pager had me LOL. The impression we have on aliens are that they are always technologically advance than us but here we have an alien that refused to use new technology (probably sees that he has no real use for it), treasures antique and prefers the old ways. That said, I had to ask around how a pager works since I have never used one and I’m surprised a pager company still exist in South Korea!

Min Joon walking into the comic shop had me rolling on the floor laughing with tears when the BGM of “DES-TI-NY” comes on while Song Yi’s classmate swoons over his entrance. I love this scene so much I had to cut it out. The comic books’ names are embarrassingly 18+ but he still agrees to help her grab them. It only shows that he can’t run away from Song Yi anymore, she has him wrap around her finger; he just doesn’t know it yet.

On another note, although Min Joon started out stoic-like earlier on and reminds me of Daejang (Faith) but he has more expressions now and has a less suppressed temper than Daejang. His emotions are more apparent around Song Yi because he doesn’t know how to reject her without getting exasperated but as a viewer, I LOVE IT! The most noticeable scene of his uncontrollable emotional outburst is when Song Yi tells the doctor he is her manager. His mouth argues with her that he hasn’t agreed to pretend as her manager but when the nurse calls out for Song Yi’s manager; he spontaneously answers without a second thought and then realizes it a second too late was hilarious and enjoyable to watch. [哈哈]

There are so many little gems in this episode that it is impossible to mention all but one other scene that had me LOL is him lying that he didn’t steal her heels and then we find out his frustration towards himself that he did steal it, LOL! [哈哈]

Episode 4

This episode is much more serious instead of light and comical as compared to the previous, the direction and storytelling are different that at first watch I wasn’t used to it and wondered if there is another director but at second watch, I understood that is a way to keep the show mysterious and delay Yoo Ra’s part of the story to introduce new characters. It is pretty obvious that Yoo Ra was murdered because she has dirt on Lee Jae Kyung. He is another intriguing and mysterious character; I wonder if there will be a final showdown between him and Min Joon, you know, like the hero meeting the ultimate devil at the end of an arcade game.

The setting for this drama is very well thought out and it comes off as refreshing. I really like the machinations of how Song Yi invades Min Joon’s house, it isn’t like the cheesy plot we normally see in dramas. By now, we know Min Joon has already fallen for Song Yi but what about her? I wonder how Song Yi will react when she realized she has fallen for Min Joon, I want to see her pretends not loving him (but not due to noble idiotic reasons), I want to see them fighting the conflict because that’s the best part in the love relationship before they eventually get together. I’m really worried for Min Joon now, him getting spotted by the detective and Se Mi’s brother Prosecutor Yoo Suk so soon. Eek! I don’t want something bad happen to my Asian Superman! [抓狂]

That said, OMG to the kiss!!! [亲亲] It was unexpected so it’s like the extra icing on top of the delicious dessert and best of all; it was shot and edited beautifully. I’m so proud that uri Song Yi has stolen the alien’s first kiss without putting in any effort (and not remembering it, would that frustrate the alien even more later on? I can’t wait to find out!). LOL! *Cue the blushing alien* [偷笑]

We got to learn a bit more about Min Joon’s past and how he was left behind by his kind because he was poisoned by Yi Hwa’s father. Did he perhaps mistaken poison as he can’t mix human’s saliva with food or there is another story to it? We also learn that uri alien is a virgin. Yep, you read that right. He’s a virgin, hahaha! He has never been kissed before so that just means he has never ‘done’ it. ROFL! Through his lectures, we also learn that he’s not a believer in sacrificing everything for love so it would be very interesting to see him fight his own heart later on and then when he accepts the fact, he would go all the way.

Min Joon is mostly stoic at the moment because of his alien nature and 400 years of living on earth he learnt to detach & suppressed his feelings from humans for self-preservation, however, in time and gradually we are seeing more expressions surfacing when he reacts to Song Yi therefore I believe in no time the stoic alien will become more humanize. This is the character development I wish to see in him in the coming episodes.

Last but not least, below are pictures I felt inclined to share (courtesy of BIRIS). Just take a look at Song Yi! How can we not love Jeon Ji Hyun? Hahaha, she is so comical and is the total opposite of Min Joon but that’s why I love them both. [微公益爱心]


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  1. These episodes were really great ! I love every interactions between Min Joon and Song Yi. And the kiss ! ❤ His first one, it was so unreal. x)
    Ahah the last pics, so funny! ^^


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