[K-Movie] Lee Jong Suk and Park Bo Young in Hot Blooded Youth

First peek into the posters of Blood Boiling Youth or Hot Blooded Youth (피끓는 청춘) starring Lee Jong Suk, Park Bo Young, Lee Se Young and Kim Yong Kwang are here! Blood Boiling Youth is a romance comedy movie based in the 1980s that takes place at the Chung Cheong Province. It is about the romance among the passionate and hot-blooded high school students of Hongseong County.

Lee Jong Suk plays Joong Gil, a legendary casanova of his high school while Park Bo Young plays Young Sook, the female leader (gangster style) of her high school. Lee Se Young plays So Hee, a transfer student from the big city of Seoul, who melts the hearts of the male students with her innocent and beautiful looks. Kim Young Gwang is Kwang Shik, who is the number one fighter of his high school.

This movie is directed by Lee Yeon Woo, who was also the director of “Running Turtle”. Blood Boiling Youth is scheduled to release in theater some time in January, 2014.

Kim Young Gwang as Kwang Shik

Lee Se Young as So Hee

A Group Photo of the Casts & Crews

I remembered worrying about Lee Jong Suk in 80s hairstyle or style but it looks like he looks fine and now I’ve to worry about Lee Min Ho is the 70s hairstyle & clothing style 😆 This is just going to be hilariousss!


My Personal Favourite BTS Gifs 

Hahaha aigooo, love this one…

Source: Daum | Sina | AsianWiki | Ten Asia & 이종석 갤러리


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