[Drama News] My Love From The Stars: Episode 5 Preview

The show is slowly becoming more serious and seems like it will focus mainly on how Min Joon is going to protect Song Yi. To be honest, I purposely paid no attention to this drama before it starts because I want to be surprised by its storyline and so on therefore I know very little of what may happen next. I even make sure I don’t read the character description because these might change during filming and it didn’t help at all when I read all of The Heirs’ descriptions and gotten disappointed when some things didn’t happen in the drama itself. Thus, this time round I’m paying no attention to the original description for my own sanity.


Omona~ what is the alien trying to do to Song Yi? I’m sure it is nothing, she must be being a pain in the behind so the alien is trying to restrain her… but omg, all the more exciting to watch!

Video source: SBS


One thought on “[Drama News] My Love From The Stars: Episode 5 Preview

  1. First impression does matter sometimes.
    Hope the plot is not too beat around the bush.
    4 eps so far were good, it’s not action drama so want to know what kind of alien concept they got. Reminds me of Roswell Tv Series (the alien things) combine with twillight (about the time/age), maybe.
    Start to interested when it revealed that he got some special memory about this girl reincarnation.. makes me curious. Kiss scene already in ep 5? Aa..nice bonus!


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