[Drama News] The Heirs: LINE Updated 4 New Pics

The Heirs’s LINE and Kakao Talk have updated a few photo stills recently and I feel like even though the drama has ended, they are still haunting me! O_o

Gaaaahhhh~~ what a waste of talent and story whenever I see Won and Hyun Joo. I’ll never forgive Kim Eun Sook for this! 😡

The Heirs on LINE has bombarded us with these 2 new pictures today. I am unsure why they decided to be kind and share these two new stills (in high definition too!) with us but I am very sure these would make The Heirs fans very very happy since it is a kiss scene from the finale.

A Little Musings:

Fans have been nagging about how stingy it has been that they did not get to see many behind the scenes videos or pictures. If we can take a step back and think about this from SBS’s business view point, and here is my own little speculation – the answer is very clear: They want fans to purchase the original DVDs, not to mention they are releasing a director’s cut version. My question is would they release both DVD and Blu-Ray DVD versions?

In order to get all these famous idols and big stars on board, SBS or the production company would have to shell out A LOT of money to pay them per episode, right? Therefore, if we think of it from this stand point wouldn’t it be more beneficial if they were to save up all the BTS and insert them into DVDs, sell it at a higher price and gain more profit out of it? Surely with that many idols in The Heirs, each and every fans of theirs would want to support their stars/idols so they would definitely buy a DVD. But this isn’t all though ~ if they are smart… they would split up the BTS and have 2-3 editions and reprint them for sales. To be honest, this is a common practise when it comes to releasing CDs for artisits. One album in the end will consist of different versions of CD jackets with different goodies, if fans are desperate to collect all the goodies then they would have to invest in all versions. I would not put it past that SBS might be brewing on employing this very tactic.

In the end, it is all about making a profit.

Image source: The Heirs LINE + Kakao Talk


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