[Drama News] Generous Stars Couple’s Gifts to My Love From The Star Staff

It must be due to the holiday season and the cold winter, both Stars Couple from My Love From The StarsKim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun have prepared their own special gifts for the staff.

Jeon Ji Hyun gave each cast and staff member a cosmetic set with sunscreen and multi-purpose balms. Apart from that, she also arranged a food truck that was catered for 100 people who work behind the scenes. The cosmetic set comes with a card which Jeon Ji Hyun thanked the staff members fro their hard work in creating a fantastic drama despite of the cold weather. She also expressed her happiness to work with a group of great people and encouraged them to continue doing their best.

As for Kim Soo Hyun, he gifted 100 winter jackets to the staff from Beanpole which he is a spoke person of the brand.

Kim Soo Hyun has been travelling back and forth between Seoul, Incheon and Mungyeong to film his scenes of his memories where he had lived during the Joseon dynasty. He said that even though he is tired physically, the filming site is full of positive energy and that he has been learning a lot from the staff and is grateful for that. He hoped that everyone can be a little warmer when they filmed with the jackets.

My Love From The Stars has started out really strong in terms of TV ratings and it soars to 19.4% for episode 3 last night. Be sure to tune in for episode 4 on SBS tonight.

Source from: MWave (1) (2) | Beanpole Facebook


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