Mi Rae’s Choice: Highlights of Park Se Joo

Ahhh Mi Rae’s Choice – it has so much potential to be a good drama but went down hill in the last 4 episodes, nonetheless, I am still grateful I walk away knowing a few actors & actresses I have never known before. Park Se Joo is my most loved male character. I love this character not because he is portrayed by Jung Yong Hwa of CN BLUE. It is because of his multi-faceted characterization and his double identities that make him all the more interesting and intriguing in the show. This drama is my first exposure to Jung Yong Hwa and I believe if another actor play this character, I would have love Se Joo too provided that this actor is just as good as Yong Hwa in portraying Se Joo. That said, Yong Hwa did inject life into Se Joo, own it and became the one & only. Now, I simply cannot imagine anyone else being Park Se Joo if it isn’t played Jung Yong Hwa. So for the past 3-4 months I have gotten to know him a lot more, from just knowing him by name to … well, listening to his music and watch his old project – Heartstrings.

It’s really difficult not to notice Jung Yong Hwa and acknowledge his performance in Mi Rae’s Choice and I have been wanting to do a highlight of my favourite scenes of Park Se Joo for awhile and finally, it’s completed!

Episode 2: Ring Around a Se Joo

I am unsure whether I was seeing Park Se Joo or the dorky Jung Yong Hwa when Ahjumma and Mi Rae started playing ‘Catch me if you can’ around him. However, it was cute to watch him looking all goofy, blur and ticklish. Yep, I think when Ahjumma had her hands around his waistline I swear he stiffen up a little, moved his body (0:08) because he felt ticklish, lol. But then of course only Boice will know if the man is indeed ticklish.

Apart from that, Ahjumma’s response when she first realized she had found Se Joo was hi-la-rious! That light of enlightenment as if she has seen god. ROFL!

Episode 3: Perhaps… you want to sleep with me?

I thought the show was very smart to make us dislike and misunderstand Yoo Kyung at first. She came across exactly as what netizens had thought badly of her and with her interactions opposite Se Joo, it seems like a confirmation that she’s a bad person and make us wonder how in the world chaebol Park falls in love with her?

The best part of this scene is of course when sweet and gentle Se Joo becomes badass and coldly challenge Yoo Kyung, “Do you perhaps want to sleep with me?”

Insert all Boices and EAs yelling at the screen: YES! PICK ME!  [偷笑]

Heck, this boy is behaving like a gentleman but he did check her out before he said that, lol. No lost there, hahaha! I wonder if there’s a BTS of this, just wondering if Yong Hwa did steal more glances at sexy legs, hehehe!

Okay, my point is the moment Park Se Joo said that line, it got my attention to Yong Hwa’s acting. I liked the sudden change of atmosphere for that scene. Yoo Kyung thought she had the upper hand but turns out it was Se Joo and I just loved how he put her in her place yet not lose the consideration and respect he has for women, and covered her up with his jacket again. I mean, apart from it distracts his manhood from concentrating on work; he was being a gentleman and respectful.

Episode 3: Affectionate Se Joo being Friendzoned Strike #1

This was such a sweet scene. It is also a yummy scene since we got wet Se Joo to ogle at. I like this scene because of how thoughtful and gentle he was with Mi Rae. He was trying to get close to her, to know her better and empathize with her scar. Yong Hwa did really well in displaying his love and affection for Mi Rae in this scene. I could feel just how much he cherishes her and wants to pamper her with love i.e. I could see Yong Hwa shooting invisible “hearts” at Mi Rae (but it was rejected by Mi Rae’s invisible shield), LOL!

Episode 4: Yoo Kyung touched by Se Joo

No matter how many times I re-watch this, I still love it. It’s probably my favourite SeKyung scene and the scene that officially convinced me to jump ship too.

Honestly, how many of you thought he was just amused by her behaviour when she set out the eating utensils? It was such a norm for us when we eat at a restaurant that hygienic seems a bit on the dirty side. So it came as a surprise when he stopped her and told her she didn’t have to do that. It never strike me in one bit that his observation on her was her habit of serving men. How does he know?

This scene didn’t just reveal to us the hardship Yoo Kyung went through to please the men so that she could keep her job and get more stories, it shows us this observant, sensitive and considerate side of Se Joo. It also shows an un-sexist side of him. From this scene onwards, I started loving Yoo Kyung and love Se Joo even more.

What can I say? I love SeKyung.

Episode 5: Se Joo being Friendzone Strike #2

Sigh. This is where and when I was fully convinced there is just no way Mi Rae will ever love him back. She thought she is confused with who she likes but it was so obvious that she feels nothing for Se Joo. A girl would be extremely nervous to be invited to the guy’s house, especially if she likes him, but here we see no such behaviours from her. Only dumb Se Joo doesn’t know, sigh.

It’s true that she saw the crying back Se Joo was trying to convey in his film but to be honest, she was thinking of Shin when she said that and here he thought she understood him. Babo!

Jung Yong Hwa has done affectionate really well in episode 3 and here we see him do it again but this time with a tinge of nervousness and desire in the atmosphere. I only wish he had carried out that desire because who doesn’t want him to smooch the female kissing beast, Yoon Eun Hye? Sadly, I still have yet to find out if Yong Hwa is a good kisser. Pout. P.S. Those kisses in Heartstrings does not count, it was juvenile. Frown.

Episode 5: Naughty Tongue

Aish! Ever since I knew Lee Min Ho I’ve accustomed to pay attention to these things too so when Se Joo played with his tongue like that (and a lot in this episode), I was distracted. I don’t think this is acting anymore because it seems Yong Hwa is Park Se Joo in that scene. I think it’s so natural that Jung Yong Hwa injected a bit of himself into Se Joo.

Episode 6: Cold & Distant Chaebol Park Exposed!

There is just something about this scene that I really like. Maybe it’s just seeing him in a suit and looking god handsome or it’s that huge contrast between the cold chaebol and the warm Se Joo. I believe it is the latter that makes it to this ‘highlight’ post for sure. I like the fact that even though he was surprised to see Yoo Kyung but he did not freak out. He stood his ground because he was chaebol Park Se Joo and when Yoo Kyung took off his sunglasses, his eyes were cold because he was chaebol Park, not VJ Park. The big contrast came in after he changed into VJ clothing and his behavior was warm towards Yoo Kyung at the car park.

I can’t explain it but I just like the contrast between the two Se Joo for this scene. Hot & Cold – which do you like best?

Episode 7: Se Joo rather die than Confessed

HAHAHA! This is one of my personal favourite because it is just plain fun and funny to see a Se Joo (VJ or Chaebol) acting out of character because he needs to do something outside of his comfort zone. I love that resignation look on him and how he face-palmed himself; wishing the ground would swallow him whole because it is too embarassing for him to set up a confession event to woo a girl while I smile in glee, enjoying every moment of his misery. Muahahaha!

Episode 7: Se Joo being Rejected by Mi Rae

To be honest as an observer (or an outsider), I hated Mi Rae in this scene. She was inconsiderate of Se Joo’s feelings when she run off to chase after Shin. But I guess from another point of view, Se Joo deserved it since he did this without considering if Mi Rae will like it and put her in a tough position in the first place; so whatever the outcome is he will have to bear the consequences.

However at first watch, I did feel my heart-break for him because again as a viewer, we all know Mi Rae does not love him and was too cowardice to be honest and straight out reject him. Thus, I didn’t sympathize with Mi Rae at all. I love Se Joo’s expression in 0:06 and 0:12 the most. It almost looked like he has expected it, he felt numb and there was nothing he can do at that moment. [失望]

Se Joo was holding up pretty well after that (with the help of Brandy) and it was Yoo Kyung’s turn to feel her heart breaking for him. LOL! I like that. I like that she beats herself bad for it especially when she was the person who is responsible and was the one that was egging him to confess. Anyone noticed the ‘crying back’ in this scene? Hehehe.

Episode 7: Se Joo vs Shin

0:28 and 0:35 – The change in expression was very obvious and commendable in the sense that he just got ‘rejected’ by the woman he loves and yet he still has that good heart to stand up for her when others bad mouthed her. I just think not many men can be so, how to say, clear cut with their emotions. This scene is particularly important for Jung Yong Hwa to showcase Se Joo’s aggressive & opposing manner towards Shin when Shin tried to use his sunbae’s authoritative behaviour towards Se Joo. I was a bit worried for Yong Hwa because of the direction of that scene. He is after all shorter than Lee Dong Gun so to capture them standing opposite each other from afar and in an opposing manner, it was important that he is good in acting because Se Joo is required to turn the table around and be on the upper hand and overpowering Shin.

I do think he loses out a little visually in terms of height and luckily Lee Dong Gun wasn’t towering over him too much. Overall, we did get that overpowering effect and the cinematic tension in this scene. Phew

Now I understand why there was rumor about Tom Cruise requesting to wear padding in his shoes against Brad Pitt in Interview with the Vampire. Like Se Joo, Lestat needed to look aggressive and compelling against Louis and visually if Lestat is shorter than Louis, it just doesn’t look convincing.

Episode 9: Se Joo turns Icy Cold @ PD Lee

Yep, this is another one of my favourite scene. Bravo to Yong Hwa and the actor as PD Lee – they really put up an interesting performance in this scene. I absolutely love the tension I had felt when I watched it. I also love Yong Hwa’s eyes at 0:45. It was subtle and perhaps only can be seen clearly in HD but it was there – that cold sharp look. He’s sending out darts at PD Lee… I’m just surprised PD Lee did not get fired. I was so looking forward to see that!

Episode 12: Crying Back

This scene had me laughing each time I see it – Se Joo’s crying back. It looks exactly like he is reminiscing his film. It was nicely shot (although at the time I was feeling cold on behalf of Yong Hwa) with Yong Hwa looking sad but there’s no tears. It’d have been nice if I see some tears streaming down his face, but then it would be out of character too if that’s the case. It wasn’t very clear if he did have some inside his eyes, dang it.

Episode 12: Mustering all his strength to be cheerful

I really like how this scene is played out for Se Joo and Mi Rae. From the left Mi Rae walked up towards him, all worried while from the right Se Joo tried really hard to keep his composure. When he stopped in front of her, she anticipated and I can feel that he is trying to muster all the strength within him to force that smile and act normal in front of Mi Rae.

That moment is all… “Awwwwww, you poor thing! Why do you need to do that? You don’t have to!”

Now that is a man with strong will.

Episode 12: Good Bye Mi Rae

Oh my god, you know what? Sometimes a forced smile and a goodbye hug can be a lot more heart wrenching than someone crying their hearts out when it got broken. Coupled with the beautifully orchestrated melancholy BGM and fireworks, Se Joo’s farewell to Mi Rae was so heartbreaking and beautifully filmed and at 0:44, what is that smile? It looks as if he is holding back tears and instead of letting himself teared up, he tried to hide it with a very fake smile. Okay, now I’m in tears… that crying back scene is nothing compared to this!

Episode 14: Tired Park Se Joo

Lastly, this scene would have been much more enjoyable if Mi Rae and Se Joo did not act like the weirdest couple in the whole wide world. The whole eating together like one happy family is really heart-warming and LOL at the splitting moment of Jung Yong Hwa surfacing when he saw food! [偷笑]

I reckon this is the first time Se Joo is open and honest with Mi Rae regarding his feelings, showing her his vulnerable side and confessing about the stress he felt from work. When he touched his chest and said, “Ah~ I’m tired”… it really make you want to go over, give him a hug and comfort him. BUT… Mi Rae did neither. [哼] I would think Yoo Kyung would have done a better job in comforting him even though she was one of the people who ‘hurt’ his pride during the day (but that was a required slap in the face for his ignorance).

Most video source from: YoungDubu with Park Se Joo

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  1. Thanks for this post..:p I had a huge withdrawal syndrome after MHIYD ended.I couldn’t even bring myself to watch other new K-dramas which are currently airing now.. Really miss Seju so much that I rewatch the final ep on KBS world yesterday night.


  2. Ah I agree with all of your comment and thought about this drama ~ I’m excited at the first but feel boring after 3 or 4 eps, and I thought kiss scene will healing me kkkk but nothing happen – se joo seriously save this drama till the end, so I keep watching


  3. A Herculean effort! Thank you x10 for this compilation!! Yes, Yong Hwa’s eyes can shoot hearts & darts hehehe. Heck, even Yong Hwa’s hands can act!! Cue N times hands close up. What are your thoughts on ep 1 peeping at skinny dipping Mirae & ep 16 the back hug? Though the finale ep was plain frustrating, I actually think that the back hug scene was poigant and impactful.


  4. Hi dear, thanks for collecting them all.
    Speaking of his acting, se joo is still too Lee Shin (heartstring) for me.
    This drama is still not appealing to me so really really thanks to you for this. Have a great holiday


    • In what way is Sejoo “too Lee Shin”? I don’t see nor feel Lee Shin in Sejoo at all, but that’s me of course. I just find your comment interesting considering how different the two characters or should I say three characters because he kind of played 2 in MC – VJ and chaebol. 🙂


      • Hihihiiii honestly i only watched 2 eps =p
        I dont like the story, so i gave up.
        Maybe deepdown i dont want to see him as se joo who rejected by mirae..
        Well, he’s the second lead so i guess mirae will end up with the male lead.
        So i dont want to watch it.. hahahaa. My bad.
        I also wondering, i really really like heartstring.. when actually the story and the plot was just.. like that. But i like music, so thats why i fell for him (his talents). He can play instruments, he can sing, he can make his own song. Thats so great about him that i like..


  5. i agree that this character is such a great challenge for Yong Hwa. this is my favorite character he portrayed so far. I just also wish that the whole drama plot was better. it could have been such a great drama! the potential!! especially with the characters. i’m a huge Yong Hwa fan. i’ve watched him from his acting debut in You’re Beautiful up to this. and he picks his characters carefully. also thinking about it, when he was first considered for The Heirs drama, i think he was to be Choi Young Do?! but not really sure. haha!

    BUT! can i just say that even in real life Yong Hwa does his best all the time. You should watch all his Running Man episodes because he’s daebak in all of them! haha! he’s considered the ACE GUEST because he has the most appearance and he constantly wins the games! hehe~ he even had a one on one with Jong Kook and won! daebak!

    did i mention i’m a huuuggeee Yong Hwa fan?! hehe!


  6. Love your list but for me, I want tl add on 4 more scenes.
    1) beach witnessing skinny dipping scene esp that shy and yet not so innocent look when he saw her skinny dipping. It’S like he would love to continue admiring but he’s too gentlemanly to continue, so that cheeky smile on his face.
    2) backhug scene cos its clear that he didn’t want to let go and yet he must. Since they have only held hands and throughout we don’t really see Mirae’s love for him, a kiss would be unconvincing, so a backhug is appropriate.
    3) Se Jo handing Mirae the plaster when she was nursing her burnt wound. No words required, just his silent support but it showed how much he really cared and love her.
    4) Se Joo and Yukyung outside the club on Christmas day, where he felt so sorry for misunderstanding her.
    Yong Hwa has definitely brought PSJ to life so kudos to his acting efforts.


    • Yes I love what happened inside the club with YK as well. Decided I need to add another favourite scene, where he witnessed MR and KS enjoying a private moment under the sprinklers in the subway. The sadness in his eyes was heartbreaking as well.

      Seems like I just love every scene of SJ.


  7. i can totally see that you still not get over of mirae choice … ME TOO! 😦 so much potential but such dissapointment

    i agree with all your list but i will add the (1) skinny dipping – naughty smile, (2) the scene where mirae and sejoo at the library where both of them like the same background song – the look he gave her just WOW (3) last ep backhug – i cry during this scene, honestly, i can truly feel the pain of this two for their farewell.

    my favorite on your list is ep. 3. the look he gave her just melted me so much~~~~though i love ep 12 goodbye scene but i thought sejoo feelings for mirae will finished now and he will start his love scene with yookyung but i literally roll my eyes when the writer keeps his one sided love life with mirae even after this

    since you said you watch hearstrings now, hope you watched youre beautiful too

    and since im a huge yonghwa fan and im so happy that you are starting to like him and also his music, thus i cant help but recommend you to watch this

    Video 1 and this video 2

    sorry but i cant help it 🙂


  8. sorry La Petite, im supposed to edit my post and remove the video because i think im getting overboard and out of topic but i cant delete my post. please edit it and remove the music video. i apologize 🙂 i feel im being pushy 🙂


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