Gong Yoo ‘Flower Ahjussi’ in L’OFFICIEL HOMMES

Recently Gong Yoo shot a series of photos and did an interview with fashion magazine L’OFFICIEL HOMMES, as the main lead he reveals his expectations regarding his latest movie ‘The Suspect’.

In the interview Gong Yoo said, “The character Ji Dong Cheol I played in the movie could be a character that do exist in real life with the relation between South and North Korea.” It has been 13 years since Gong Yoo debuted and this is the first time he challenged an action movie and he also talks about how he tries to live and feel like his character when he made first contact with this film. In addition, he said, “I won’t have expectations from the audiences, rather I’ll do my best as an actor.”

The staff on the day claimed, “Even though the work schedule was tight & stressful but he did not show any sign of fatigue and only enjoy the process of the shoot; and create a happy atmosphere for everyone. After the movie’s wrap up Gong Yoo has become even more sexy and the viewers can see it through the photoshoot.”

I’m sorry but are we looking at the right pictures because I don’t see a sexy Gong Yoo. I see an ahjussi Gong Yoo. Like WHY? Why does a fashion magazine decides to dress a 33-34 years old man like this? First it was Lee Dong Gun and now Gong Yoo? /Flips tables! This it the Gong Yoo I know, thank you very much! [怒]

Source: Korea Star Daily