[Drama News] Lee Min Ho & Kim Sung Ryung Shopping in The Heirs

Starhaus’s official facebook has updated 4 pictures of Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) accompanying Ki Ae (Kim Sung Ryung) out on a shopping spree, breathing the fresh cold air of freedom in The Heirs. I do miss this mummy and son on screen and wish to see them work together again in another project, preferbly not as mother/son.

I know some of you might think it’s wrong but I really don’t mind watching Lee Min Ho romancing / smooching her. Honestly, I think an older and experienced actresses will have better and satisfying reaction(s) to his intensive kisses. 😛 From afar, I can’t tell they are mother and son anyway in these pictures. Lee Min Ho – the god of chemistry can match just about any women of any age. He is a versatile actor.

That said, I am appalled at the Christmas Special of The Heirs. I don’t know if it is either the news article reporting false information or SBS. Sigh~ [怒][怒][怒]

Source: Starhaus Facebook


6 thoughts on “[Drama News] Lee Min Ho & Kim Sung Ryung Shopping in The Heirs

  1. I agree. I was really looking forward for the xmas special knowing they would put in at least few behind the scenes but all they did was to show scenes from the drama. I was disappointed but I just sat and watched just to see lee min ho kkk


  2. I was also really disappointed in the Christmas Special, so much hype over a collection of old scenes that I can watch anytime anyway. I did watch to have Lee Min Ho grace my screen for 2 whole hours though 😉

    And it would definitely be interesting if she played his romantic interest in another show.


  3. OMG at these 2. They look really good together. I wouldn’t mind seeing her as his love interest in a drama, judge me I don’t care! lol


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