[Fashion] Lee Min Ho’s Airport Fashion 2013

Right after the end of The Heirs, Lee Min Ho ships himself to Singapore for an event and this is what the man wore from Incheon airport to Changi airport. Gorgeous, isn’t it? Nothing like Kim Tan, right? Of course not! Whatever Kim Tan wears especially those funky colorful ones are not Lee Min Ho’s personal style. His personal wardrobe consists of major colours of black, grey & white although occasionally he does get a bit adventurous, lol. Here’s a compilation of this year’s airport style.

I personally think he has a few misses but most of them are just [good] It’ll be updated till the end of this year if he keeps flying in & out. While compiling this I was getting a bit of a headache myself because my god, how many times has he flown in a year?!!! [晕] You guys can do the counting for me (Note: It’s not everything though).

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[09.01.2013] China – Korea

[18.01.2013] Korea – China

[12.02.2013 – 17.02.2013] Korea – Sydney – Korea

[04 – 06.03.2013] Korea – Taiwan – Korea

[09.03.2013] Korea – LA, USA

[16.03.2013] LA – Korea

[22 – 25.03.2013] Korea – Jakarta – Korea

[17.04.2013] Korea – Hong Kong

[18.04.2013] Hong Kong – Shanghai

[19.04.2013] Shanghai – Korea

[18.05.2013] Germany – Korea


Love this checkered shirt.

[07 – 11.06.2013] Korea – Japan – Korea

[20.06.2013] Gimpo airport – Jeju Island

[27 – 30.06.2013] Korea – KL – Korea

[04 – 07.07.2013] Korea – Manila – Korea

[19 – 22.07.2013] Korea – Taiwan – Korea

[24 – 29.07.2013] Korea – Shanghai – Korea

[09 – 11.08.2013] Korea – Beijing – Korea

[12 – 18.08.2013] Korea – New Zealand (Eider shoot) – Korea

[02 – 27.09.2013] Korea – LA – Korea

[17.12.2013] Incheon Airport – Changi Airport, Singapore

[18.12.2013] Changi airport – Pudong airport, Shanghai

[21.12.2013] Shanghai – Beijing

This trip was out of order and chaotic. Lee Min Ho has always been nice and braces his fans without using VIP route, this is because he knows the fans would like to see him. This is what happened >> View Me! After these, he had no choice but to use VIP in Beijing as arranged by the Beijing airport staff. It was too dangerous for him, his bodyguards and the fans.

[Bonus][21.12.2013] Sohu Interview

[23.12.2013] Beijing – Busan, Korea

[23.12.2013] Busan – Seoul

Note: This post will be updated till the end of 2013 whenever Lee Min Ho flies in or out again. ^ ^

Image source: SweetMino, Minoz Peace, KimSoCool, Falcon, StarryMinho, Lastella, TTEUAK, 叫我沒腦子, HighQiu, Minoz_淡然, JustMinho, 常小煇, Elixir, Minoz 燕燕, DAVE & 쁘이쁘이


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  1. He has done alot of travelling indeed. What is he doing in Germany anyway? The rest is probably his world tour. He should be on the international catwalk but I prefer him in dramas!


    • Su gestión dijo que hizo un video musical en Alemania, pero nada de eso se demostró.
      Por favor, envíe su comentario en Inglés la próxima vez. 🙂

      His management said he made a music video in Germany but none of it was shown.
      Please, post your comment in English next time. 🙂


  2. Hi La Petite, im amazed by your efforts to compile most of the photos xD anyways I really enjoy reading your blog one reason because of all the juicy news and the main reason being your witty and cheesy comments on the content xD


  3. i mostly like his style – vert few misses. he’s so gorgeous and that outfit for the Sohu interview is so awesome on him.


  4. Love your post !! You might want to start a new one for 2014. Lee Minho was just mentioned today in GQ’s tweet for 10 best dressed men of the week alongside international starts Jared Leto and Zac Efron.. –> GQ Magazine ‏@GQMagazine 2h
    The 10 Best-Dressed Men of the Week: http://gqm.ag/1foM3BC @TeamVic @JaredLeto @ActorLeeMinHo @Miles_Teller @Kaepernick7 @IdrisElba


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