[A Present from Tani – 2nd set] Kim Tan fashion for Auction!


Here’s the second batch of for auction outfits, Lee Min Ho wore as Kim Tan in Heirs cheer1 onion head

The sweaters

These are the grey ones that are pretty tame classic ahaaah onion head


@Daejang I know you have been waiting for one of these good job onion head


The jackets and coats

I don’t know if I like the leather and denim one because I did not like what happened the morning after, the sweet scene between Tanny and Eun Sang crying1 onion head



Oooohhhh!!! the white-last-time-happy-but leaving-later-saying-goodbye coat depressed1 onion head @La Petite you like this right?


The bags and shoes

Oh! this blue bag reminds me of the good times in L.A. when Tanny met Eun Sang admire2 onion head



The L.A. shirts

WHAT?!!! they are sold out!!!   shock2 onion head   I like the blue raglan shirt!  wait onion head


If anybody is interested to bid the last batch will be Dec. 29, 2013 – Jan. 4, 2014 go to here >>> http://euphoriaseoul.com/


8 thoughts on “[A Present from Tani – 2nd set] Kim Tan fashion for Auction!

  1. Is that the white coat in the break up scene crying in the rain or the cream one he wore on their date with the matching shoes? If it’s the cream one I think he looks damn hot in that coat hahaha


    • Ducky yes it it the ice cream date and couple shoes coat 😀 I edited already but it’s still a sad coat because Eun Sang left him afterwards 😥 👿


  2. @frau

    Yeah, I was waiting for the pink angora cardigan, but it went over my $500 limit. *crying*
    I thought I was the only one interested in this pink fluff from KT. 😛

    Why are those shirts sold out?
    Did anyone bid on them yet?

    Happy Holiday everyone.


    • Aw…Tanny looks so tired.
      The bag under his eyes. 😦

      Merry Xmas @La Petite and the rest of you ‘crazy’ ladies. 🙂


  3. 770 USD for that pink cardigan? Are people kidding me? lol

    But the prices bid are insane, there’s no way a regular mortal can match them 😉


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