[Musings] My Love From The Stars: Episode 1-2

My Love From The Stars (or You Came From The Stars) is a drama about an alien falling in love with a human being, what can I say, I am sold especially when the alien and human look like Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun. Let’s not forget to mention, they behave exactly like the kind of characters that intrigue and piqué my interest the most.

This also reminds me of Superman and what’s interesting is that this isn’t the typical Korean dramas we have been watching and since it is fantasy, it doesn’t have to be realistic! The writer is free to inject as much fantasy as s/he wants as long as it is not overly impractical.

Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun) is that alien who, after living on earth for 400 years, distancing himself from the humans and live as an observer. He is stoic and quiet – OMG, my daejang Choi Young (Faith) reborn into an alien? Chun Song Yi (Jeon Ji Hyun) is the total opposite of uri alien – she is loud, sassy and talkative; which is another OMG, my imja Yoo Eun Soo (Faith) reborn? She is also ignorant, arrogant but funny and lovable.  She gets hurt but doesn’t show it and she can bite back without being a total bitch. She is beautiful yet hilariously comedic. Jeon Ji Hyun has really breathed life into Song Yi; I love all the facial expressions she wears all-so-naturally in the show.

Even though they are worlds and universe apart (i.e. intellectually and so on), they have similarities as well; they are both lonely souls who longs to be understood, to love and be loved. Although he is supposed to be the alien that do not belong among the humans but she, too, feels alienated and has no sense of belonging among her own kind.

It’s often rare to fall in love with a drama immediately after its first episode but this is that rare case for My Love from the Stars. I love the dynamics between Min Joon and Song Yi. The most memorable scene from episode 1 would have to be when Song Yi lost it at Min Joon. It was fantastic performance from Jeon Ji Hyun (I think she did it in one take without NG). I also feel for her & wishes to bear hug her when she sobs her heart out in bed. It’s no wonder even the alien can’t handle it but sigh and whimper in defeat, LOL.

The way the drama unravels Min Joon’s story is remarkably well done, by episode 2, we get to see that other side of him that was suppressed because he has lost faith in humans. We also get a glimpse into his competitive streak, his hobby, his stubborn principles and emotions when his heart starts to waver when he is around Song Yi. Song Yi’s existence has started breathing life into him and he has started to react by becoming emotional. The same goes to Song Yi, I love that Min Joon is exposed to the worse of her and we get to see how she struggles to survive and be on top of the food chain, I mean, entertainment industry. I love the humor she brings out for this show; one simple English word like ‘sorry’ and ‘normal’ has me grinning to no end.

There is a lot of back story to Min Joon that needs to be told and I love that the show keeps him mysterious and only tells us about him bit by bit per episode. There are so many questions that need answers.
– Is mixing his food with saliva or blood equate to the effect of Kryptonite has on Superman?
– Or it just weaken him but not kill him? Or it makes him evil or feel naughty?
– What happened between him and Seo Yi Hwa?
– Why and how Yi Hwa become such an attachment to him?
– Did they fall in love in Joseon?
– Why and how his premonition is always about Song Yi?
– How did lawyer Jang meet Min Joon and find out his identity?

It seems obvious that show is telling us they are fated to meet, fall in love (especially with big spoiler from the OST: ‘You are my destiny~’ and … maybe have alien babies. I don’t mind a fated love story if the writer can convinced me that it can work.

I am not quite sure what to make of her frenemy Se Mi yet. At the moment, I am more disappointed with her attempt to spark war between Song Yi with her rival. It’s bitchy and low. I did however feel sad for her when Hwi Kyung missed their date. Those tears were real and she really does love him. Ahhh the unrequited love, when will it ever end?

Lee Hwi Kyung is that high school classmate that has pursued Song Yi for… forever, lol. If the netizens think Park Se Joo (Mi Rae’s Choice) is stubborn then what should we make of Hwi Kyung? From Song Yi’s attitude towards Hwi Kyung, it is very clear that she has rejected him for a millionth times and he still refuse to give up on her. He’s cute in his own silly ways but again, we haven’t been told of his back-story.

I didn’t think I’d start giving good review for this drama so early on but I cannot helped but be excited that I found an imja couple* alike in Stars. It is always interesting to see a gradual change to a stoic or quiet hero when he exposes himself to a spunky heroine with many flaws. As time passes, I love seeing how they are molded to better suit each other and eventually become a better person due to each other’s presences and influences. As I have said before, I am one who loves spunky, chilli spicy-like heroine because spineless and cowardice damsel in distress heroine are so yesterday and ancient. I am all ready for an era of spunky damsel who is in distress, lol.

Let’s hope this promising drama continues to be this good till the end; and packed with well written, logical plot and character development. At the moment it is pretty tough not to like Song Yi. Just look at her! Hahaha!

*Imja couple – Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun from Faith.


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