[Drama News] Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo in Emergency Couple [New: Teaser]

We get a sneak peek with BTS pictures from the making of teaser video for the upcoming tvN cable drama – Emergency Man and Woman (previously named May Garden) starrying Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo. This drama will replace Reply 1994 when it ends and airs on January 24.

In the drama both Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk are divorced couple but on the set they are seen getting along very well. The PD Yoo Hyun Gi for this drama expresses that they had a lot of fun moments while filming the teaser. He said, “Both actors cooperated very well on screen and maintained their full spirit even though it was filmed till 5 am in the morning. The teaser will be filmed tremendously well.”

Emergency Man & Woman tells a story of a couple that has been divorced for 6 years who become a resident doctor in the same hospital. Oh Jin Hee (Song Ji Hyo) and Oh Chang Min (Choi Jin Hyuk) play a couple who thought they were fated for each other during their university years so they got married, however, after marriage they ended up getting a divorce due to various reasons.

[New Teaser Video with English subtitles (cc)]

Source: Korea Star Daily | MWave | AsianWiki


3 thoughts on “[Drama News] Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo in Emergency Couple [New: Teaser]

  1. I’m looking forward to watch this drama !
    It’s good to see CHJ so soon after Heirs. And since his story ended sadly in Heirs, I’m fully on to watch him in a rom-com.
    Plus, they both look good together.


    • Agree @Yuuni I’m so excited about this drama now hahahah from the teaser it reminds me of Ace Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk being the lead surely he’ll get the girl this time right? Without dying I hope! Papa Gu and Kim Won broke my heart so I’m hoping Chang Min won’t break my heart at the end pleaseeeee


  2. i really wonder what will happen when they need to work together after being a divorced couple in this drama.. song ji yho and choi jin hyuk !


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