Jung Yong Hwa New Christmas Look

While Lee Min Ho gets bombarded by fans getting up close & personal sending him off from Shanghai to Beijing, Jung Yong Hwa experienced another kind of treatment [嘻嘻] from Japan back to Korea at the airport. Unfortunately (we are) I am unable to catch a glimpse of his handsome face with him covering himself with a mask (WHY?!). Fan accounts said he wasn’t feeling too well a couple of days ago at his concert etc so maybe he is (was) down with a cold or flu. Another said he’s protecting his throat.

It’s a pity my sources & stash on Yong Hwa is scarced so this is the best I could get to share or talk about him [生病]

So this is what I was referring to… hehehe. A friend shared with me what another Boice has joked, “they are trying to decorate him into a Christmas tree”! Seriously, now I see photos like this every time, I am going to relate him to this: https://i0.wp.com/www.sherv.net/cm/emo/christmas/christmas-tree.gif





HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! No wonder he decided to go to gym. He needs muscles to carry all of those. Now where are the other 2? Jung Shin is pushing their luggages so what are the other two doing and not helping their hyung out?

Finally!!! Someone help unload the Christmas decors presents off of him!

Specially for someone who digs his thighs [偷笑]

Image source: HELLO JYH | KPOPStarz | Beautiful JYH


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  1. Even with his face all covered up he’s still as handsome as ever but he does look tired. Hope he gets some decent rest soon.


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