Lee Dong Gun Looking Like Ahjussi in COSMOPOLITAN

We will find a featured interview with Lee Dong Gun in the upcoming January 2014 edition of Cosmopolitan Korea. Lee Dong Gun expresses his pity that his come back drama “Mi Rae’s Choice” (also known as Marry Him If You Dare) did not receive good ratings.

The script writer & KBS management were abducted by aliens overnight while the TV viewers prefer non-brain inducing drama(s) to watch, thus, it isn’t any of the actors’ responsibilities or faults. You and the rest of the casts put your best in it and I still love it for the first 12 episodes.

That said, seriously, Lee Dong Gun is challenging me with the title of this post. I had to Google for his age to see exactly how old he is and my god, he is only 33 years old but why is the stylist styling him into an old ahjussi in here? [吃惊]

Look at this! What in the world is this? Sandals with socks?! I used to tease my friend about this because she hates it with a passion and I thought it was just funny, but honestly, please don’t make it into a kind of fashion for a 33 years old man! [哼]

Source: Cosmopolitan (Korea)


3 thoughts on “Lee Dong Gun Looking Like Ahjussi in COSMOPOLITAN

  1. he just rocks any style! handsome and gorgeous with loads of acting talent.
    wishing him more power as an actor and singer. he can sing!


    • I fell in love with him in his latest drama. He is so gorgeous in whatever clothes. G
      Hope to see him singing again. I just love him


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