[2013] An Hour Chat with Lee Min Ho on Weibo!

On December 20th, 2013 – Lee Min Ho had a date with fans online at 3 – 4PM on China’s SNS – Weibo. Here’s the entire screenies of his conversation with the questions he picked to answer. Fans have already fired him gazillions questions way before the chatting start and it’d be impossible for him to answer all. Fans were still shooting questions at him in that one hour at the speed of lighting. I didn’t even bother reading anymore…

At exactly 3PM through the help of the translator / staff, Lee Min Ho said: My Chinese is not good… so my Chinese staff will help me ^ ^

  • I’m just going to laugh at him and say this, “you don’t even know Chinese apart from your name, I love you and thank you.” [哈哈][哈哈][哈哈]

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Translations is done as closely and word from word with what he (staff) responded:

Q1 from 馬潔華: Will you see my message?
A: Hm, I can see it clearly.

Q2 from Paranoia_pamper: Are you currently in Beijing? When are you coming to Beijing? Where in Beijing?
A: I am taking tomorrow morning’s flight to Beijing ^^

Q3 from 被自己蠢cry-: Do you have height phobia?
A: I’m not scared ~ standing on a higher ground, my mood will feel better ^ ^

Q4 from 誰說我不能愛李敏鎬: To dearest Ho Oppa, which character do you like most in the dramas you have done?
A: I like all… and the separation from “Kim Tan” was not too long ago… so I miss “Kim Tan” more ~

Q5 from EE 想要快點去旅行: I will send you off at the airport tomorrow! You can’t take the VIP route~ it’s my first time sending you off I really want to see you soon!! I have liked you for 5 years ^^
A: I also want to see you soon! ~ But please be careful! Don’t fall ~ or else I’ll throw you away!!

Crazy 9:Er… so should we throw you away whenever you have fallen? xD

Q6 from Minoz-Y: My luck is really bad, I’ve never won anything, so Oppa, please console me by responding.
A: Console ^ ^

Q7 from 心有所屬么么達: I don’t know if you can catch (seeing this message), but I still want to say a few more times, please don’t drink iced water in winter it is bad for health, you have to answer me that you know this ok?
A: I saw ~ but I like drinking iced water…

Q8 from Cecilyangela: Please come to Chong Qing (part of China)!!! We have beautiful sceneries and delicious food, and a bunch of pretty and sexy girls waiting for you!!! Looking forward to it!!!
A: Chong Qing Forest!!!

La Petite: I’m wondering if he is talking about the forest or the movie that is named Chung King Empress in Chinese?!

Q9 from 虎克船長漂流記: I don’t know if you can see me [心] I especially like the Kim Tan you portrayed [心]. Tomorrow is my 16 birthday [蛋糕] and 16 for a girl is an important birthday [蛋糕] so I hope I will receive your blessing [心][心][心]. I hope you will notice (this message), this will be the best birthday present I’ve received [爱你]
A: [心][心][心][心][心] Sending you 6 hearts and wishing you happy birthday ^^

Q10 from 犯睏的茶葉蛋zlh: Oppa, tomorrow you are going to Beijing, will you eat roast duck?
A: Of course!!

Crazy 9: And we will send our Ducky there for roasting!!! Muahahahahahahaha!!! [阴险][阴险][阴险]

Lee Min Ho: Can you guys ask some fun questions ~~!!! Something more excititng! Fun! Something different!!!

Crazy 9: Stop complaining. We’ve asked personal to 19+ questionaires and you answered NONE! Onion Head Emoticons 11

Q11 from 幸運D路標: A personal question, have you got a girlfriend? Quickly find one, get married and go attend the TV Show “Where are we going, dad?
A: I just turn 27.

Q12 from Minoz-somnus: Have you drank mocha today?
A: Not yet…

Q13 from Minoz-c曦曦: Min Ho do you think you are very very handsome?
A: Er…… no…… er……yes……er……no.

Crazy 9: Pffffftttttt ~ Mr. Vain [挖鼻屎]

Lee Min Ho disappeared for quite awhile and returned with this message: Sorry… I just came back from brushing my teeth! Let’s start again! Continue ~~~~

Q14 from 21Lee: My phone‘s wallpaper is you, what’s yours??
A: Apple

Q15 from 大醬思密達: I’m due to go home after school soon, not going to care about you, hmph ╭(╯^╰)╮, you don’t respond to me.
A: I am sorry ~ “Do I perhaps like you?” (reciting Kim Tan’s famous line)

Q16 from 大壮头发乱gg: If you respond to me I will pay attention in class T^T
A: Lying!!

Q17 from lilinjun2011: Shanghai is hazy today, did you go out?
A: I still need to go out even though it is hazy ~ can’t stay in the hotel all day ^ ^ (or can’t keep staying in the hotel)

Q18 from 帆布鞋的离开: What is the ringtone on your phone?
A: None

Q19 from Lena赵淋淋: If you don’t answer me, beware I’ll hurt you with a spoon.
A: I’ll deal with you with chopsticks!!!

Q20 from love李敏镐hao: It’s close to exam time, please cheer me up.
A: “No middle”!!

Q21 from mynameis胡超群: I am scared of cat the most. My friend is scared of bugs. What about handsome Lee Min Ho? Please satisfied my curiousity.
A: I am scared of bugs. (Note: the word that was used in Chinese is a general and broad term that can mean either insects, bugs or worms).

Q22 from rmein: What do you most want to do now? Sleep? Hehe
A: I just woke up! Woke up at 2:50pm ~ Am I sleep talking?

Crazy 9: [黑线] What a cold joke.

Q23 from 水青赤: I like your laughter, come give noona a smile, noona is older than you by a year.
A: By one year is ‘noona’ (with a questionable tone), it’s chingu ~

Q24 from Minoz-陳玲: Oppa who are you spending Christmas with?
A: I am still considering ~ I’ve thought about it for half a day but finds no answer ~ let’s spend it together?

Crazy 9: He has been booked by us. [挖鼻屎]

Q25 from Anywhere我都在: Answer me quickly answer me quickly~ I’ll die from being too excited!!! T^T T^T T^T Please respond
A: (He responded but says nothing, cheeky ass!)

Q26 from 卓玛605: What is your impression of China?
A: Very passionate from all corners!! I have difficulty handling it!!

Q27 from MUSE_Tracy: Calling Lee Min Ho ~ Calling Lee Min Ho ~~~
A: Continue to call out ~~

Q28 from 小余乖乖: Can you post a picture of yourself now, please?
A: Ok! Right away ~

Crazy 9: “….” Waiting “….” Waiting “…” It took him forever

Q29 from 天天天天alice: What type of question will interest you?
A: How many strands of hairs do you have?

Crazy 9: That’s not an interesting question, that’s a WTF question! [哼]

Q30 from 尾鱼爱吐泡泡ooo: Oppa… where’s the picture you promise? Just do whatever with your styling it doesn’t matter
A: Wait!!! [怒]

Q31 from Fashion_dss: ……. how many strands of hairs do you have?
A: Let me count, wait for me for 8 months (meaning: let me get back to you in 8 months).

Crazy 9: Yeah right!

The picture was finally posted, Lee Min Ho: I’m chatting with everyone.

Q32 from 灏忚殏铓乢51614: Post a selca wearing as little as possible [嘻嘻]
A: I’m not prepared to wear so little, I’ll show you in the movie.

Crazy 9: OMG ~ you are adding fuel on the rumour, mister! Just make sure you grow some chocolate abs and make that butt more perky! Tsk!

Q33 from 小西的琐事: Can’t you see it???
A: I cannot see

Q34 from 无言以对secret: Pleading for a ‘front’ view photo
A: I’ll post it when I go out for dinner ~ I haven’t woken up yet.

Crazy 9: More of you haven’t doll up for us to see yet? [偷笑]

Q35 from 张小冉BB: My hand is feeling cramp, if you don’t respond you’ll lose a fan, hehe.
A: I’ll help massage for you ~~~

Q36 from 笛宇轩: Oppa doesn’t respond to me, I won’t do well in exam
A: Even if I reply it doesn’t necessarily mean your results will improve (rise up) ~~ haha

Q37 from 张玥sophia: Hurry up and raise your hands so that I can see you ~~
A: Put your hands up!!!

Lee Min Ho: I went to brush my teeth just now so I’ll give you guys another 10 minutes

Crazy 9: Hurry up and respond, don’t waste time putting BB cream on your neck for that photo then we’ll have more time! [怒骂]

Q38 from fly-angel2011: What are you having for dinner?
A: Delicious Shanghainese ~

Q39 from minoz_damei: I’ve chased you for many years! My boyfriend is jealous ottoke! Hahaha!
A: It’s ok ~ you have done well ~

Crazy 9: Nani? How is that an answer to a question?

Q40 from Minoz-巧妙: Oppa, I love you! I’m in the middle of proposing to you.
A: I love you too!

Crazy 9: Oi!!! You already have shippers named MinSun, MinMin and MinShin… stop causing trouble for Minoz! [怒]

Q41 from 奥特乌曼是小疯子: You are a sunshine boy… if I could receive a response from you on such a cold day, I will most definitely feel warmer and no longer feel cold [太阳]
A: Take care of yourself, don’t catch a cold! The weather is cold so don’t go out everyday.

Crazy 9: [左哼哼] Looks who talking?

Lee Min Ho: I am happy to chat with everyone in such short one hour! There are still 3 more days to be with you all ~ let us all spend everyday happily  ^ ^ careful not to catch a cold, bye bye

~ The End ~

Onion Head Emoticons 53 >>> Dead from translating

Image source: Lee Min Ho’s Weibo


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