The Heirs: Kim Tan’s Fashion Episode 1- 20

This is very very interesting. This person has taken a lot of time putting this together and now we are benefitting from it. So here we are, Kim Tan’s fashion from episode 1 to 20 all in a glance. There might be more to what Lee Min Ho has worn but I think even I myself didn’t notice the shirts that he wore because it’s covered by sweater and coat/jacket.

Big kudos to the person gogoboi for compiling this!

Kim Tan’s American fashion wasn’t so bad actually except that freaking orange pants.

BWAHAHAHA the horror started from Episode 4. LOLLLL! That Dries Van Noten is definitely a big fail and it’s now been one of the auction clothes and OMG the Nike coloured shoes another nightmarish wear. [哈哈] Oh I love all the white shirts he wore in Ep 3 – 4 though, including that singlet which shows off the guns. [花心]

Oh love both the Chris Christy sweaters, but face-palm to both the other two; even ‘very handsome’ Kim Tan can’t save himself from it. People laughed about Marc Jacobs gold sweater but I actually like it.

The 8 Seconds jacket makes Lee Min Ho looks boyish but no comment to the Pink Fluff, LOL. I didn’t mind it that much but it is a bit too gay for Lee Min Ho if he wants to look manly. I like both McQ by Alexandaer McQueen shirts. I don’t understand why people hate the Air Kiss McQ shirt, I actually think it looks good.

That Liful shirt, OMG. HAHAHA! I’m just glad it was worn inside of a not-so-bad-looking sweater! Jill Stuart New York coat/jacket is nice and that Paul Smith sweater is currently in the auction.

OMO. That McQ by Alexander McQueen pants is the same design as the shirt?! LOLLL it’d look funny if he was to wear the two of them together, huh?

Hmm… a little rant. I don’t get why Young Do gets to wear normal manly shoes while Kim Tan keeps wearing sneakers. Like seriously, all the time? Oh that KENZO black coat is one of my favourite when I first saw the released stills. [爱你]

Christopher Raeburn coat is another lovely coat although I’m a bit weirded out by the half leather and half denim McQ denim jacket. Hmm…

Oh my god… another funny looking shirt from McQ and once again I’m glad it was masked under a sweater! Auction it. Auction it off!!! That’s a Giorgio Armani sweater?! SHOCK Okay, Lee Min Ho wears it better than the model.

Renoma Sports > HATE!

Em Polham, Interm, Kenzo, Givenchy & Sandro Manteau coat > I Like ’em all! And a BIG LOVE to Le Coq Sportif! I don’t know why but that whole scene with Lee Min Ho in it just spells out H-O-T!

Ahhhh the Gucci sweater & coat – my absolute favourite! I hope he doesn’t auction it off! Sigh~ I love all the coats above! That Paul Smith shirt is definitely an acquired taste… I personally wouldn’t touch it if I am the one shopping for it.

Okay not a big fan of this Jill Stuart New York and Entrofe jackets and hate the Puma shoes! Hmm… Gucci makes really nice coats eh? And hmm… how come the brand of the white coat isn’t included? That’s a nice coat too but just too bad it was a sad scene and cannot fully appreciate the coat swoon at the man when you are supposed to be sad for him. Aish.

Oh god… I take my word back. Gucci and its funny looking suit!  Same goes to Lord & Taylor’s suit [吐]

It’s a pity that there is no images of him in his jeans because I’ve spotted some very nice jeans that complimented his skinny legs & bum! [微公益爱心]


Image source: gogoboi @ Weibo and  rurwn


8 thoughts on “The Heirs: Kim Tan’s Fashion Episode 1- 20

  1. Desde el episodio 17 empezaron a ponerle cuadriculados a LMH jiji 😛
    Pero me encantan todos sus sweaters jeje y abrigos la cantidad de ropa que llevaba debajo waa tiene q hacer frio.


  2. What we can take away from this post is that Tan does not wear anything twice. Not even the shoes Eun Sang gifted him… 😀


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