The Heirs: Episode 17

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This is the hardest episode that I have to recap so far. My heart aches for TanSang so much in episode! I loved this episode because it delivered so much feels and made me cry when I first watched it without subs. I couldn’t sleep thinking about how helpless and broken Tanny and Eun Sang was. Trust me when you watch this episode you can’t help but feel a little depressed. We follow Tanny losing his mind after discovering the consequences for wielding his sword against his father. He not only lost Eun Sang, he lost his dream, his strength and his soul mate. The guilt coupled with losing his dream of having a loving family and his beloved hyung sent him over the edge. All the years of holding it in and keeping a brave face all crumpled down on him as he discovered the empty maid’s room, the empty locker and the empty apartment.

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Tanny is still crying in the empty apartment. He remembers what evil Daddy Kim has said to him earlier: “Don’t forget this day. You lost that child today as a consequence of wielding your sword.”
The guilt sets in and tears start to fall from his eyes. Tanny is panting and struggling to breath. He clutches his chest and falls down on his knees sobbing in pain.

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He is wandering the streets desperately trying to locate Eun Sang. He calls her but the operator tells him the number is not available. Tan weeps and the tears just keeps falling down uncontrollably. The pain is too hard for him to handle as he recalls the last time he saw Eun Sang. She was waving goodbye to him with a sweet smile of her face.
This is so heartbreaking to see Tanny break down and guilt ridden. He is so shaken by the idea of losing her and not knowing where she could be or what has happened to her. She disappeared like a midsummer’s night dream. This was Tanny’s biggest fear.

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Tanny comes home and talks to evil man. He tells daddy that Eun Sang is gone and he can’t find her. He demands dad to tell him what he has done to Eun Sang. Dad tells Tanny that this all his fault. He should have let Eun Sang look towards him.
Tanny corrects dad: “It was me who looked at her. I shook her up and told her to take courage. Why didn’t you send me away instead? Is it because I’m hyung’s insurance?”
Dad plainly says that he only told Eun Sang to live her life accordingly.
He warns Tanny: “Don’t go looking for her. The moment you find her, her life will be ruined.”
Evil father! Instead of providing a word a comfort to his son who is clearly distraught the evil man just made it worse for Tanny. Manipulating him to think that it was his fault and feeling the immense guilt for liking a girl and wanting to be with her, protecting her.

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Chan Young is asking his father about Eun Sang since Tanny has gone crazy looking for her. He tells his dad that Eun Sang’s number is not working. Yoon tells him that he has helped Eun Sang secretly leave. Chan Young is shocked by the news and asks where she was. Yoon replies that he doesn’t know but she told him she will call him once she settles down or something has happened.

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At school the next day everyone notices that Eun Sang is absent. Bo Na is worried because Eun Sang is not replying to her text. Myung Soo teases that she should call Eun Sang since it will be faster. Bo Na cutely says that would mean they are friends. She loudly suggests that Eun Sang might be missing because Rachel is bullying her. Rachel gets up and leaves and Tanny rushes into the classroom. He heads straight over to Chan Young asking whether he has heard from Eun Sang. Chan Young, a little annoyed, tells Tanny not to seek out Eun Sang through him. He angrily suggests that Eun Sang is missing because of Tanny.
Chan Young appears to still have issues with Tanny, which is sad!!! Poor Tanny doesn’t need to be reminded that it was his fault since the boy feels guilty enough.

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At that time Young Do also bursts through the door. He heads straight to Chan Young asking the same questions. Chan Young cuts him off telling him not to ask about Eun Sang. He takes Bo Na and they leave.

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Young Do kicks out everyone in the classroom to talk to Tan. Myung Soo tells the boys not fight since he will be just outside the room keeping watch! Hahahaha I love sweet Myung Soo.
Young Do asks if it was Tanny’s fault that Eun Sang is missing. Tanny tired from explaining says he has no time to fight with Young Do. Tanny said he will look for Eun Sang his way and tells Young Do to do the same in his own way. Young Do asks if Tan knows if Eun Sang is still in Korea.
Tanny replies: “I will find out. Wherever she is, I will find her.”
I find it sad that everyone blames Tanny for Eun Sang’s disappearance. Yes he is the catalyst for his dad’s actions but it is hardly his fault. He tried his best to protect her but with his current powers he is rendered useless. I hope people would just stop blaming him and making him feel much worse than he already is feeling.

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Tanny is speaking with Ji Sook. Ji Sook says that evil dad had requested to redraw Eun Sang from Jeguk. Tanny tells her not to make the withdrawal official. Ji Sook wants to know if Tanny is asking for a favour. Tanny replies: “No, give and take. I am making a deal with you since there will be a day that you will need me.”

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Young Do is searching though records of the broadcasting club for information about Eun Sang. Hyo Shin arrives and is pissed Young Do is going through his things without asking first. Young Do informs him that he is investigating about but Eun Sang. Before he could finish Tan bursts in asksing Hyo Shin to give Hyo Shin a photocopy of Eun Sang’s passport so he could check if she has left the country or not. Tanny thanks Hyo Shin before leaving. Hyo Shin wonders what was going on for both Tanny and Young Do to look for Eun Sang. Young Do complains that Hyo Shin is playing favouritism.

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Esther is having a ‘desperate housewife’ kind of meeting where all the wives of rich or influential chaebols are there. The ladies congratulate Esther on her upcoming wedding. Myung Soo’s mum let the cat out of the bag that Zeus Hotel is getting investigated by the prosecutors. Esther is shocked from the news and asked Hyo Shin’s mum for the truth. Hyo Shin’s mum plays ignorant and goes to the toilet. Esther follows her.

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At Jeguk Group office it appears that Yoon has gotten a promotion which comes with his own office. Wonny comes in with a name plate that says Vice President- Yoon Jae Ho. Wonny is pleased that Yoon is now on his side. They shake hands in celebrating the new partnership. Finally Won has earnt Yoon’s loyalty! Is it because Won is more caring now or because Yoon does not agree with what evil Chairman is doing? I’m just glad they are on the same side. Now they can battle against the enemies, whoever they are or will be.

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At home Tanny is conducting his missing person investigation. He asks the security guards for the CCTV records. They inform him that they have to report it to the CEO. Tanny tells him to go ahead without fear!

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Tan looks through the CCTV recordings. He spots a suspicious looking moving truck. Hyo Shin calls Tanny to confirm that Eun Sang did not leave the country. Tanny was super relieved that she was still in Korea which makes his search much easier. Tanny asks if Hyo Shin asked his dad for help and Hyo Shin cheekily replies he has his means. If he gets kicked out it will be Tanny’s fault. Tanny thanks super Hyo Shin hyung for his help.

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Tanny calls Young Do to update him about Eun Sang. Young Do questions why Tanny is willing to share this information. Tanny explains that the chances of locating Eun Sang are better if two people are looking for her.

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Young Do who seems to enjoy talking to Tan asks him when he was going to pay Young Do back for helping him escape from the house. At that moment Tanny is distracted by the appearance of Eun Sang on the CCTV. Eun Sang has looked straight up at the CCTV and waved goodbye to him before leaving as if she knew he would be looking at the CCTV to search for her.
Tanny left Young Do hanging on the phone as he watches Eun Sang wave.

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With the knowledge that Eun Sang is still in Korea Young Do thinks of a devious plan. He fills out an online form addressed to Zeus Hotel pretending to be Eun Sang with the ID “YDLOVER.” ROFLLLLLLLL
Smiling to himself he writes a message to the site administrator as he reminisces about his past interactions with Eun Sang: “Attention Admin! I’m here to tell you some secrets about the heir of Zeus Hotel, Choi Young Do. Choi Young Do used his perfect looks and unsurmountable charms to trip me. He threatened to eat black bean noodles with him. He grabbed me and then pushed me into the pool. He liked me a lot. I tried to bear with it because Choi Young Do is SO HOT! Now I want a refund for my heart. But I’ve already paid with my feelings. Cancelling it won’t do anything.”
Bwahahahahaha all the heirs have a habit of praising themselves LOL you are indeed HOT and charming Young Do ahhhhhh.
After giving himself a pat on the back for the genius idea of chasing Eun Sang out of her rabbit hole he calls his lawyer stating that his good looks have gotten him in trouble. Pfffffffffftttttttt

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Young Do is now sitting at the ddukbokki looking at the message that Eun Sang wrote on the wall before. Young Do summons Eun Sang as he looks at the message. Myung Soo comes in and sits down. He starts to whisper about how he heard that Eun Sang is not just absent, but she disappeared. Myung Soo the gossip queen starts to explain that there are rumours that Eun Sang’s father is…..Young Do cuts him off saying that her father is dead. Myung Soo continues with Eun Sang’s mother and Young Do just tells him to eat. The cute puppy just obeys immediately. I love Myung Soo he is definitely the cutest character in the show along with Bo Na.

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Tan is on the road and runs into Myung Soo in his car. Tan asks where Myung Soo had parked the night several days before. Myung Soo said in front of his house. Tanny wants Myung Soo to give him the memory card from his black box. Myung Soo cutely asks why. Tanny says Eun Sang might be there. Not so smart Myung Soo says Eun Sang is in my black box? Bwhahahahahahah Myung Soo never fails to crack me up! Myung Soo gets a text in his Kakao talk about a club night. This triggers ideas for Tanny and he rushes off without taking the memory card. He goes to the phone store to reopen Eun Sang’s previous phone number. Unfortunately, it’s being used by someone else now. Tanny buys that number from that person.

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Back at home he uses the number to log into Eun Sang’s Kakao account for clues. The first message he sees is from Young Do. Hahahahahah jealous Tanny is back me thinks LOL.
Young Do has sent a confession message to Eun Sang since the number is disconnected: “Where are you, Cha Eun Sang? I miss you. I’m just rambling at a disconnected number.”

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Jealous Tanny sighs and calls Young Do. Young Do seeing “Cha Eun Sang” as the ID is superl excited. Bwahahahaha his face I love it soooooo much! He is immediately disappointed when he hears Tanny on the other side. Tanny asks Young Do: “Do you want to die?”
Young Do replies: “You pick up Cha Eun Sang’s call even when Cha Eun Sang isn’t here.”
Tan asks if Young Do found out anything. Young Do tells Tanny that he has set a trap and is waiting.

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Young Do calls his lawyer asking if they have found the victim. The lawyer informs him that he hasn’t been able to find out anything about Cha Eun Sang and her mum so far. Young Do is disappointed again.

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On the other hand Tanny is continuing his missing person search going through all the car black box recordings. He has no luck. Tanny gets a kakao message for Eun Sang’s number about a credit card charge. Tan sees it has been used at a store using a certain money distribution company, so he starts to call every store that uses that company. He makes calls all night long still with no luck.

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In the morning all tired he finally found the company. The owner of the store says someone made a purchase of that amount and it was a young high school girl who had long hair and was pretty. Yay! He found her! Woohoooooooo go detective Tanny!
Tanny asks for the location says he will go there immediately.
Daddy’s spy is just as fast as Tanny. Dad finds out from the spy that Eun Sang did not leave the country. She is hiding in a seaside town with the help of Yoon.

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We finally see Eun Sang. She is walking with her mum by the beach. Eun Sang is working in a bookstore. The owner says business has gotten better now that Eun Sang is here. The owner asks why Eun Sang is not going to school. Eun Sang says she just plans to take the GED. The owner asks what school Eun Sang went to in Seoul. Eun Sang is hesitant to reveal that it was Jeguk.

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Meanwhile Hee Nam is also looking for work in the town but no one wants to hire her since she can’t speak. Eun Sang comforts her mum and tells her not to worry. Eun Sang says she will get a cellphone tomorrow so people can call them if they change their mind about hiring mum. She sends her mom home first so she can buy rubber gloves.
After mum leaves Eun Sang could not hold it in anymore and she sobs. Poor Eun Sang who has to put on a brave face and cannot break down. She has to keep living for her and mum’s sake. I’m sure she’s missing Tanny like crazy.

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Tanny is now in his car on the way to the location of the store. He remembers about all the happy moments he shared with Eun Sang. At the convenient store Tanny shows the owner Eun Sang’s picture to confirm if she is the girl that made the purchase last night. The owner confirms that it is her. Tanny gives a huge happy sigh of relief and starts to search around the town for Eun Sang.

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Eun Sang is unpacking her items. She is thinking about Kim Tan while airing out her clothes. Eun Sang starts to remember the happy moments with Tan as she looks at the clothes. Each item represented a precious memory with Tanny.

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Her uniform reminded her of when he first walked her to school and when she grabbed his hand. The dresses reminded her of when he kissed her forehead and when he gave her that back hug. The “I Love California” t-shirt reminded her of when they first met and spent the night together in the motel. I don’t know why but I just love this moment. I will explain further in my thoughts.

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Tanny searching the area sees the ‘I Love California’ shirt from afar. He is staring and waiting to see if it was in fact Eun Sang. She emerges from behind the fluttering clothing. Tanny sees but he looks disturbed mixed with different emotions and thoughts. I’m surprised he didn’t run to her!

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Tanny turns away as she starts to walk away from the house. She continues to walk down to the beach unaware of Tanny’s presence. Tanny is standing afar watching Eun Sang sitting by the seashore. Tanny just watches her with tears in his eyes. He misses her like crazy and his heart is aching to go up and hug her. He starts to take a step forward but then he stops. Hesitantly and heartbreakingly he turns around and walks away. Shattering his heart with each step he takes.
This scene makes me so sad. I knew Tan was going to turn away. He was told by three people that it was his fault that she had to run away from her life, school and friends. Seeing how sad and lost she was by the beach it dawned on him that he did not have the confidence and courage to protect her because he was scared his actions might in fact ruin her life. By turning away, although breaking his heart and spirit, he is protecting her.

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Defeated Tanny returns home and lies in bed fully clothed. It is so depressing watching Tanny start to break down.

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Eun Sang gets a call from the Gangnam Police. At the same time Young Do gets a call from his lawyer saying that found have Eun Sang. Young Do says he will personally go down to see the victim.

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Young Do is impatiently pacing back at forth at the police station waiting for Eun Sang to show up. He is yelling at police asking them when Eun Sang was going to show up. Eun Sang rushes into the police station. Young Do turns around and sees her. He freezessss. Eun Sang is shocked to see Young Do. Without saying a word he rushes over to her and embraces her tightly. So very similar to how Kim Tan does it! Relieved Young Do sincerely breaths out: “Thank you. For being safe and sound. For appearing. Thank you so much.” Awwwwwwwwww these words are so touching and so sincerely!!! He was so happy to see that she’s still alive and didn’t just disappear like his mum. He didn’t want to see another person who moved his heart leave/disappear.

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Eun Sang and Young Do are walking along the beach. Young Do is surprised that Eun Sang is not angry at him. He tells her to straighten up and talk to him. He came a long way to see her: “Isn’t she glad to see him?” Eun Sang just looks at him not answering.
Young Do says looking a little hurt: “It looks like you want to see someone else. But I’m never going to talk about him, so don’t even count on it.”
Eun Sang stays quiet. Young Do continues talking about Tanny regardless asking if Tan has come to see Eun Sang. Eun Sang doesn’t answer and just tells Young Do to go since its cold.
Young Do grabs her arms and turns her around and says: “I will take off my jacket for you. Stay longer.”
Eun Sang says: “Young said you don’t like places without a roof because it’s cold. Let’s go.
Young Do replies: “Who cares if there’s no roof as long as there’s a ground? I saw that you are safe. You broke up with Kim Tan. I’m now walking on the beach with you because you don’t want to show me where you live. Of course I’m excited.”
Eun Sang looks at him and says: “I was really scared when I saw you. Even you can find me this easy. How many people could have seen me already? I was scared”
Young Do replies: “I’m the least scary person who would and see you here.”
Eun Sang agrees.

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Young Do asks Eun Sang: “When are you coming back to Seoul?”
Eun Sang replies: “When I’m forgotten by Kim Tan.”
Young Do mocks Eun Sang: “Don’t be stupid and register for a cell phone under your name. You have no experience in running away. You want to run away with me? Think of it as a learning experience.” Eun Sang just calls his name, “Young Do ahhhhh”
Young Do sighs and replies, “It hurts a lot. Whenever you call me like that.”
Eun Sang is about to ask Young Do to not come anymore but Young Do cuts her off.

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Young Do tells her: “Don’t tell me not to come. I did something bad enough for my dad to kill me over to come here. I will come back again.” I love how straight forward and sincere Young Do is after 17 episodes. He is approaching his feelings for Eun Sang in a sweet manner just happy to see her and hoping that she will look at him in the same way that she looks at Kim Tan.

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Back at Zeus Hotel Young Do is questioned by Daddy Choi. He asks who isCha Eun Sang causing this ruckus on the Zeus Hotel website. Young Do not looking at Dad bravely replies: “The girl I like.”
He tells his dad that he made up that message: “She disappeared overnight, and that is the only way I can find her.”
Dad thinks Young Do is crazy making himself a false flaw just to find a girl
Young Do sincerely replies: “If I couldn’t find her, I would have gone crazy. I’m ready to take it. But…don’t tell me not to see her. Don’t interfere. You can interfere in everything else in my life but when it comes to girls you have no right.”
Dad surprisingly agrees and somewhat proud of his son. He tells Young Do that he can’t beat him face to face but he seems to have learnt the skill to make deals rather than have a head on fight. He tells Young Do to follow him since he has dinner plans with Esther.
I love how Young Do bravely confronts his dad. Some of us were wondering whether Young Do would show as much courage as Kim Tan and protect his relationship with Eun Sang if he was to have her heart. I think this pretty shows us that he will. Apart from being afraid of Daddy Choi for other things in his life I think Young Do if he had Eun Sang he would protect her with all his might. I’m also surprised that Daddy Choi is not as controlling as Daddy Kim when it comes to women. I guess it’s because Daddy Kim has complicated relationships with many women himself.

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Young Do and his dad meet Rachel and his mum for dinner. During the dinner Young Do’s dad gets a call from the prosecutor’s office about their investigation into Zeus. Dad gets angry that the prosecutor is daring to touch Zeus. After hanging up Daddy Choi says to Esther that he wants the wedding to be moved up. Esther says she doesn’t want to marry him anymore. Esther tells Daddy Choi that is this just the beginning and she has heard some news but will leave the details for tomorrow when the kids are not around. She tells him it’s the last favour she can do for him as his one-time fiancée. She leaves with Rachel

 photo 84_zps6db9e004.png

Now with only Young Do and dad left at the dinner table Daddy Choi pats Young Do on the shoulder and tells him not to worry and he definitely pass Zeus Hotel to Young Do flawlessly. Young Do sighs heavily and says to dad: “That is not what I am worried about.” This is definitely a nice contrast between Daddy Choi and Daddy Kim. Is it because Young Do is the only heir for Zeus? Daddy Kim makes Won earn his position and does not seem to be as close or spends time with his sons as compared to Daddy Choi. I’m not saying Daddy Choi is better but I appears that he is closer to Young Do albeit his manipulative and abusive behaviour.

 photo 85_zps0f8b0c22.png

Rachel and her mum are outside the hotel lobby. Rachel asks if Daddy Choi was getting arrested and whether Zeus Hotel going down. Esther reassures her daughter that a chaebol like Zeus can’t go down. She’s backing out of the marriage because she doesn’t want to get caught in the mud with Daddy Choi that’s why she’s breaking up. Rachel says she is relieved. Esther asks if it’s because of her break up. Rachel replies it’s because Young Do is not going broke. Esther asks if Rachel has grown to like him. Rachel replies: “More like camaraderie. He was the only one who understood how miserable I was because of you.” Esther just sighs.

 photo 86_zps78f11a07.png

Lost and sad Tanny is at the empty apartment again. He stares at the dream catcher and remembers Eun Sang’s words: “They say only pretty dreams go through the hole.” As a sign of giving up he takes down the dream catcher.

 photo 87_zps486a4987.png

Tanny goes to see Wonny at his office. Tanny tells hyung: “I will do everything you say. If you want me to go to America, I will go. I will give you all my shares if you want. If you don’t want me to come back I will never come back. If you don’t want to see me for the rest of our lives I won’t see you. So hyung save Eun Sang from father and me.”
Helpless Tanny explains continues: “I ruined Eun Sang. Because I liked her, I pushed her off the cliff. Home, school, friends, and even her future I ruined it all. I did my best to stay with her but why is this the only way to protect her?

 photo 88_zps0f342d02.png  photo 89_zpsb1ff0f1c.png

 photo 90_zps0660908b.png  photo 91_zps53d26be7.png

He screams in frustration: “Why is leaving the only way?”
Won who seems to be moved by his brother’s desperation asks if Tanny is asking for help or a fight.
Tanny reiterates that he is offering Wonny the chance to take everything he can from him but in return Won has to help Eun Sang return to where she was before.
As someone with who has shared the same experience Wonny asks Tanny: “Are you really not going to see her again? Is that okay with you?
Tan sadly replies: “I’m going to see her just one more time.”

 photo 92_zps2de5d5cc.png

It’s raining. Eun Sang is locking up the book store. She doesn’t have an umbrella so she stands there with her out to catch the rain. At that time she sees Tanny standing across the street staring at her with intense eyes underneath his umbrella. Tears immediately well in her eyes as she can’t believe that Tanny is standing in front of her. He starts to slowly walk toward her. Eun Sang is breathing trying to compose herself.

 photo 93_zps500b4b0b.gif  photo 94_zpsbfc36b63.gif

Eun Sang takes a step down as Tanny reaches her. Tanny is still looking at Eun Sang intently.
Eun Sang tells Tanny: “You can’t be here.” She screams at him: “What should I do when you come to me like this?”
Tanny looking at her sadly just says quietly: “Sorry.”
Eun Sang: “If you are sorry then leave. I ran away from you! Why did you find me?”
Even more quietly Tanny replies: “Sorry” Gahhhh these two are ripping my heart out!!!
Tanny continues: “I’m going to bring back everything I’ve ruined. The school you went to, the house you lived in, friends and your daily life without me. I will restore everything back to how it was before you met me.”
Eun Sang unable to hold in her tears tells Tanny: “You don’t have to do that. I don’t want to go back. I like it here. What you should do now is to not make me move to other cities. So don’t come here again. Because if you come I have to leave again”
Tanny looks hurt from this comment and asks: “By chance, have I been a bother to you from the moment we met?”
Eun Sang hardens her face and lies: “Yeah”
More hurt Tanny says: “I see. I won’t come back again. I’m sorry that I asked you to take my hand and take courage. Bye Cha Eun Sang!”
Tanny hands Eun Sang his umbrella and sadly walks away getting soaked by the rain.
Eun Sang drops the umbrella, kneels down and sobs her heart out as the break-up starts to sink in.
This scene is too sad for me. They are both breaking up with each other because they think that being together will ruin the person they love. Little did they know that living without each would be impossible as their heart will always seek out the other person!

 photo 95_zpsa7c1b0a3.png

Tanny goes home all soaked standing in front of evil daddy. Tanny informs evil dad that he found Eun Sang and went to see her. He continues: “I won’t ever see her again. You’ve won. I have lost. So don’t touch her anymore.”
Dad replies: “Fool. What’s the big deal about taking a girl off you?”
Tanny angrily screams in despair with tears in his eyes: “It hurts my heart. It’s hard and I miss her. Living is unbearable!” My heart was ripped into bits hearing this. I can’t believe the dad showed no emotions.

 photo 96_zpse0e1e33e.png

Ki Ae is worried about her son, trying to help him dry off but Tanny won’t let her. He just goes into his room, locking it. Outside, she can hear Tan wrecking his room in anger and freaks out knocking on the door furiously. Evil daddy is also worried but he is not willing to give in.

 photo 97_zps2f6808bf.png

Inside the room we see Tanny sitting on the floor with his hand injured and bleeding. Angry, lost and feeling helpless as tears start to fall down.

 photo 98_zps5d048ac6.gif  photo 99_zpsb54bd670.gif
 photo 100_zpsc9a095e9.gif  photo 99_zpsb54bd670.gif

The next day Tanny is sitting in class dazed and his hard all injured. Young Do notices something is wrong with Tanny. Tanny gets up and leaves just before class starts. Hyun Joo walks in and tells Tanny to go back to his seat. Tanny ignores her and continue to walk out.

 photo 102_zps70046f26.png

After class Hyun Joo is meeting Hyo Shin. She asks if he knows Tanny and where something is up with Tanny these days. Hyo Shin asked if Hyun Joo only called him to ask about Tanny. Hyun Joo wonders if there was anything else to talk about and whether Hyo Shin wants to talk about his college exam. Hyo Shin says that she saw him kiss a girl and that they should have talked about that first. Hyun Joo just says he must have found someone he likes and that it is a relief since it might straighten him out. Hyo Shin replies that she knows who he likes. Hyun Joo knowing full well what Hyo Shin is alluding to nervously asks for them to continue talking about Tanny.

 photo 103_zpsa206c209.png  photo 104_zps02393d2a.png

Hyo Shin is curious as why she cares about Tanny. Hyun Joo replies that Tanny is the brother of someone she knows. Hyo Shin asks if she knew Won. He wonders how since they didn’t go to the same college. He asks if she went out with Wonny. Hyun Joo quickly denies it. Hyo Shin doesn’t believe her suspicious behaviour. Jealous he leaves telling her to ask her boyfriend about Tanny

 photo 105_zpsdf2b4863.png

Tanny left class does what Eun Sang did back when she didn’t go to school. He visits the cinema that Eun Sang used to go to. He stands in front of the dream catcher store which is closed with a ‘for lease’ sign. Later at night he lies in his bed fully clothed, not sleeping, with tears falling down silently. Gahhhh so sad and helpless Kim Tan! My heart is breaking for him.

 photo 106_zps905df172.png  photo 107_zps7d50e0fb.png

Another day Tanny sees Daddy Kim’s spy holding an envelope heading into the house. He grabs the envelope from the spy and sees pictures taken of Eun Sang. The spy says the chairman wanted to know where Eun Sang was. Goshhhh that coat burn it! It looks like Tanny broke his neck and is wearing a cast!

 photo 108_zpsa590e917.png

Wonny is having a meeting with the woman Daddy Kim wants him to marry. Both have no interest in each other. The rude and arrogant rich girl is late and instead of apologising she tells Won that if wants to marry her then call the number on the business card she handed him. She starts to get up saying that her boyfriend is waiting for her. Won not impressed with her attitude asked why she didn’t come with her boyfriend gets up to leave first. He gets a phone call from the police station.

 photo 109_zps8de65896.png

Won arrives at the police station. Tanny has been booked for driving without a license and speeding. Won yells at Tanny: “Your method is all wrong. Rebelling like this will not get you anything.
Tanny probably angry because he has to wear that damn coat scoffs: “Rebel? That sounds nice. Aren’t you thankful? I’m living as you wanted me to.”
He coldly continues: “No one threatens your place in our family now. Oh yeah we weren’t family. Take care of it. You never know you just might need me again.”
Tanny coldly leaves. Wonny is shocked at the change in his brother and somewhat worried.

 photo 110_zps39c2ae95.png

Won informs dad about Tan. He says Tan is breaking apart after trying to endure while pretending to be an adult. Dad complains that Tan is not thinking about becoming stronger before breaking down. Won counters that Tanny continued to knock on his door for the last 18 years despite Won hating him. Tanny was always honest and affectionate.
Concerned Wonny continues to tell evil dad: “You can’t imagine how strong you’d have to be for that. But now he is breaking down! Can’t you see?”
Wonny asks if Dad kicked out the girl that liked Tan. Won asked if it wasn’t enough that Daddy did that to him. Dad yells that if Won had not also been involved with Hyun Joo, he wouldn’t have interfered with Tan. But with both sons like that and their mothers being disgraceful, without the in-laws, how could he not interfere? How will they do business then? Goshhhhhhhhh how rude! He married those women because he loved them but still feels that their background is disgraceful! I hate you Daddy Kim, you whinny old man!
Won asks sadly if Dad can’t just trust them and let it for them to deal with. Dad ignores what Won just said and tells him to marry the granddaughter of BS Telecom. If Won brings her to him then he will trust Won. In disbelief Won asks if that is trust to Daddy Kim. Dad tells him to leave. Stab stab stab!!!

 photo 111_zps83a919f1.gif  photo 112_zpsb43d81b5.gif
 photo 113_zps7fa0c751.gif  photo 114_zps9110242a.gif
 photo 115_zpsf35bd87c.gif  photo 116_zpsc3337b9c.gif
 photo 117_zps12926662.gif  photo 118_zps8c480ac4.gif

Rachel is at the school’s infirmary with a headache. She’s talking on the phone and then gets a text from Hyo Shin, who is also at the infirmary. Ha!!! He tells her to be quiet in the infirmary. She removes the curtains to one room and Hyo Shin smiles and waves to her.
Hyo Shin’s cuteness gets Rachel all flustered and she closes the curtain again. Hyo Shin texts her asking why she looks awkward around him. Rachel tells him that she doesn’t feel awkward just embarrassed. Rachel tells Hyo Shin to act like nothing has happened between them. Hyo Shin agrees. Rachel asks what Hyo Shin will do from now on without taking the examination. Hyo Shin stops texting and opens up her curtain. He replies that he will be able to get into film school just with his Gold Award in the Asia Youth Short Film Festival. Rachel asks why he bothered to go to school and study then. Smart ass Hyo Shin says learning is good. He smiles at her and they both get flustered looking at each other. Awwwww they are kinda cute. Rachel better stop being a bitch and I might forgive her like I forgave Young Do.

 photo 119_zps03171610.png

At Myung Soo’s studio Young Do, Myung Soo, Bo Na and Chan Young are chatting. Myung Soo asks if Young Do wants to
go listen to a great DJ at a club with him. Young Do says Myung Soo is only going for girls. Chan Young says girls are music.
Bo Na cutely asks Chan Young what type of music she is to Chan Young. Chan Young says carols. Myung Soo cuts in and says death metal. Bwahahahahahhaha
Bo Na gets angry and wants to beat Myung Soo. Myung Soo comments that if she takes one more step towards him he will steal her from Chan Young. This makes Chan Young jealous for the first and wants to punch Myung Soo. Hahahahahaha so cute!
Bo Na also asks if it is okay to just leave Tanny like that. She said she heard that he got arrested and his face was a mess today at school. Young Do looks worried.

 photo 120_zps0cd08bd1.png

At the Jeguk Group’s founding anniversary meeting Daddy Kim is giving a presentation. Tanny is sitting there at the meeting totally lost. Wonny, Ji Sook and Sec Yoon look all over at Tanny concerned. The audience whisper about Tanny’s bruised face.

 photo 121_zps9dacd71a.gif  photo 122_zps950156c0.gif

Young Do is heading over to a club, while on the phone with Myung Soo. Myung Soo tells Young Do that he saw Kim Tan. At that time Young Do spots Tanny stumbling out of the club and getting into a fight after bumping into a passerby.

Young Do heads over to Tanny and blocks him from fighting. He pushes Tanny away. The two struggle. Young Do punches Tanny telling him to get a hold of himself. Tanny punches back. They go back and forth with their fists and both end up on ground.

 photo 123_zps2f7b0987.gif  photo 124_zps7f3bd22e.gif  photo 125_zps69ef93ec.gif  photo 126_zps5c8728e0.gif
 photo 127_zps878aac47.gif  photo 128_zpse4adf81e.gif
 photo 129_zps9a33a486.gif  photo 130_zps6d4d1294.gif

Young Do tells Tanny: “If you miss her, then go see her.”
Tan replies with tears falling down his face: “I’m not going to see her anymore. You can have her.”

 photo z15h_zps6f9b3284.jpg


Lee Min Ho did a great job in this episode showing us a lost and helpless Kim Tan. I felt his pain and sadness when he thought he lost Eun Sang. I felt his anxiousness when he was searching for Eun Sang and his relief when he found her.

Some may have found this episode to be frustrating but to me it made sense. Kim Tan breaking down was not only because he lost Eun Sang but because he lost his last hope and dream. We see earlier Kim Tan gave up trying to reconcile with his brother, fix up his broken home and publicly hold his mum’s hand. All he had left was Eun Sang, the only happiness and ray of sunshine left in his life.

Countless number of people kept telling him that he ruined her and everything was his fault. This really sank in when he saw her sitting lonely and lost by the beach. He decided to turn away not wanting to hurt her any more knowing full well what that will do to him. When he went to see his brother he was determined to return everything back to normal again, giving up and not daring to dream a happier life. In despair he tells his brother he can’t believe that leaving her was the only way to protect her.

After saying his goodbye to Eun Sang Kim Tan felt like he had nothing left to live for so he starts to break down first by physically hurting his body trying to numb his emotional pain with physical pain. At night unable to hold in his loneliness he cries silently and heartbreakingly.

As Won said the brave, strong, honest and affectionate Kim Tan has broken down. He is nothing but a lost boy now unable to fight for what he wants in life. What is the purpose of living any more? Why does it hurt so much? Is this what we all felt at some stage in our life? When everything has gone wrong despite how hard we try. Some of us have support that will help us get back on our feet whilst others who are unlucky may be stuck in that mindset and continue to destroy ourselves with drugs, alcohol etc.

I have no doubt that Won will help his brother. I hope Tan will have the courage to stand up. I hope that Eun Sang will see that by being away from Tanny she is actually ruining him and herself.

Eun Sang’s struggle and despair was also portrayed beautifully in the latter half of the episode. It was very touching when she broke down after leaving her mum. Hurting from leaving Tan and having to put on a brave face in front of mum was hard on her. She still has to keep living because mum is depended on her who is the only income earner. She wipes her tears and kept fighting to try and forget Tan.

One of my favourite scenes in this episode was when Eun Sang was airing her clothes. With each piece of clothing that she hang on the clothing line she is reminded of Tanny who brought happiness to her life. The clothes are not expensive but they were precious to her. The only remnants of the precious moments she shared with him. Even as she walked down the ocean she is lost, she does not know what to do or where to go, only that she must forget him so that his life is not ruined by her. Even though her heart feels lonely and she’s suffering inside she has to keep on going forward maybe regretting for the rest of her life.
Looking at Tanny straight in the eye and telling him to leave and saying the opposite of what she feels was the hardest thing for her, just like saying goodbye was the hardest thing for Tanny. She broke down after seeing him leave in the rain and he broke down after saying goodbye to her and his dreams.

Young Do’s hug and outburst of emotions when he saw that Eun Sang was safe and sound was another touching scene in this episode. Young Do has finally done the right thing to demonstrate his love for her. He sincerely tells her how he felt and not afraid to tell Dad that he liked this girl. Eun Sang was the first person to move his heart since his mum left him. He can’t bear to lose her like he lost his mum. So seeing her safe was enough for him. He’ll continue to be beside her without forcing her to like him. His hope is that one day she’ll look at him in the same way as she looks at Kim Tan.

Although this was mostly a sad episode with some lighter moments I still fully enjoyed it. I felt all the emotions and was moved by TanSang’s heartbreak. It definitely delivered plenty of feels.

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