[Drama News] The Heirs: Wrap Up Party

The wrap up party photos for The Heirs are here and you know what’s funny? There were pictures from various news source of the stars arriving at the venue but none of Lee Min Ho and everyone wonders why the main male lead didn’t attend, some even wondered if he was going to be late & attempted to make an entrance! But turned out it was neither of that, the reason was because….

… He arrived earlier than everyone else so only Minoz got pictures of him! [哈哈]

[挖鼻屎] Honestly dude…

Okay ~ pictures time!

The wrap up party was held at a restaurant that is well known among the stars named “마포숯불갈비”. The address is: 강남구 논현공 62-6. Don’t ask me how to get there, use your Google Map. [汗]

*Ahem* *Ahem* *Ahem* ~ so it isn’t MinShin that’ll happen… it’s WooShin?

The Cake at the Party

Image sources: Twitter | Weibo | DC | Cake Factory | Various


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  1. I am not a fan of couple-shipping in real life. But I find it mighty suspicious that LMH and PSH are sooooo careful around each other. They are playful in most BTS I have seen so you know they get along well enough. Thus, the no selca’s / pics together is strange. if there is any attraction between them (and i cannot tell if there is), I hope they try to step out of their characters first before they begin dating.

    WooBin is in a relationship though. In fact, I respected him when he was all “f*** that, I’m not hiding having a gf considering I’m of age.”. LOL


    • I agree La Petite LMH hardly uses his own SNS and is being careful, even during Faith there was only one or two selcas with KHS.
      I really do think LMH just treat PSH like any other co-star, he teases Yoona the same way too and was pretty close to KSH at BTS for Faith!


      • I don’t think there’s anything romantic between LMH and PSH. He teases her too much like a younger sister off-screen, not someone he’s attracted to. ‘Suspicious’ might be the wrong word for me to use; it is more of ‘strange’ they wouldn’t take a picture together when they are sometimes playful on the set. But as someone pointed out, they are probably just being careful not to feed the shippers or incur the wrath of jealous fans.


    • LOL I can’t believe people photoshop their pics together. Talk about being delusional. Sorry to hear both LMH & PMY suffered – I guess both during and after their relationship. People really ought to leave stars to their private lives – they are entitled to fall in/out of love too.


      • I ship Kim Tan n Eun Sang, would be very delightful if they’re dating in real life. They’re cute together (Heirs’ charms still stick on me).
        But i totally agree with u, i watched few previous BTS dramas of both PSH & LMH.
        Its normal if the main leads in love while or after filming, being playful. those time they share together on location, romantic scenes, chemistry they should built..
        but i haven’t see any pict or video showing there’s a romance between them.

        Why was LMH & PMY suffer when their relation came out? Did their agencies not allow them to publish or to have a date/special relation with someone? Or the antifans? Pity them.

        Looking at PMY, i dont think PSH is LMH’s type of girl. Both LMH & PSH are so famous, have a huge fanbase. i hope its not the way how they try to keep ALL of their fans.

        Being delusional is the FUN part of being a fan but couldnt agree more that no matter how much we love our idol, we should respect their private life.n


    • Yeah.. I kinda agree with Tombrady’s girl.. They definitely have something off screen.. I’ve seen all the BTS videos and pictures of them, I’ve noticed that LMH always looked PSH with deep intense gazing.. Like the first few pictures above, he’s definitely didn’t listen to the middle guy’s speech. He’s supposed to listen to the toast that guy given, but he’s keep staring at PSH. Their chemistry offs screen were really undeniable and they’re really playful and comfortable around each other. The fact that there’s no any picts of them together were really suspicious. Even Woo Bin give PSH a hug. Are they hiding something?


    • I don’t know what to say. But I had exactly same thought as Tombrady’s. Strange how both the lead not taking any selca. But the thought of not feeding the shippers hope probably true. It just….made me suspicious


  2. I feel the same way as Tom Brady’s girl, however I’ve read that PSH fears the anti fans and it’s be careful with her male costars there’s an interview with Kim Hyun Joong where he also says she holds back because she fears anti fans. I could just imagine how much she would fear LMH fans. I also think that LMH is the one that stares at her and he’s the one that stirs up things in the interviews. I also think because LMH was with PMY and it’s been years and people don’t get over it, I think he and also PSH won’t make the mistake of talking about any relationships they have.


  3. @riskha @Tombrady’s Girl @Kali
    Just think about it this way. This is the crown – The Fame Crown – that both LMH and PSH (any stars for that matter) decide to wear and hence, they have to bear the weight of it.

    Hollywood stars have more freedom coz there is a difference in culture & those stars don’t sell fantasy or illusions to their fans, unlike the Asian’s. Although I’d argue the western boy bands do sell illusions. There is always that trend where they debut all cute & clean but slowly, especially after 5 years later, you see them start changing and by that time they would have gained enough fandom & love that the fans will still love them no matter how they look like or behave.

    Have you guys noticed that’s the same for Asian artists/bands? Asian stars especially rely strongly on the fan support so of course they need to avoid doing anything that’d anger the fans & the consequences is losing these fans. Asian fans in my opinion have become more open minded than before. Back then, Jackie Chan had to hide his marriage because a Japanese fan went all suicidal.

    The fantasy (IMO) that these young male/female stars sell is the clean, innocent, single fantasy. That’s their appeals in the market therefore it’d hurt their image if they have dating rumours. It’d also spark fan wars between shippers.

    LMH is still young at the moment so he’d still need to carry on selling that fantasy to fans, that’s his job as a public person, and the weight of the crown he has to bear if he wants career advancement. When he gets slightly older (like 30), you don’t have to worry because the fans will start telling him to find a girlfriend/wifey. LOL!


  4. Asian fan can get fanatics sometimes but they seems to be toning down in recent years. However especially in Korea, the internet can make a star or kill a star. There have been a lot of actors/actress suicides in the past years as a result of the internet, in recent case Park Shi Hoo, who may not be able to be the same as before (whether he is really guilty or, I do not think we can judge him!). In any case, I would support LMH all the way whether he has a gf or not or whoever the gf is as long as he still give us good dramas and movies. He has his private life also and I think if we are true fan/supporter of him, we would like him not only to be successful but happy as well. This goes to PSH or any other actors/actresses. We should all respect their privacy and if want to go public, I will wish them well and happy!


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